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AND COFFEE ROASTERS: Kurasu event photo report

Back in March, we welcomed two skilled baristas for the event, Yamane-san and Fukuda-san, from AND COFFEE ROASTERSin Kumamoto. Yamane-san is an owner of the roaster and Fukuda-san is a head of their quality control team, and they have provided us with useful tips to enjoy coffee more, while we all enjoyed their superb pourover and espresso, as well as intriguing stories about their relationship with coffee farms.

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Espresso base: Ethiopia Oromia Natural
Pourover: Rwanda Nyakabuye

We once had their Ethiopia Oromia Natural as one of our guest drip coffee, and this time they have provided it as an espresso base. Right after they started to grind beans, rose and strawberry-like aroma filled the air, and it produced very juicy cup which tasted almost like a strawberry milk when served as latte. It got everyone so excited and we had such a positive reaction from all!

We've been friends with Yamane-san for over a year now, and we were so blessed to have them at Kurasu Kyoto to share his passion and eye for craft for coffee with everyone who joined the event. Thank you!


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