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Cupping with The Barn : Kurasu Event Report

We had an amazing cupping event on March 22nd, collaborating with The Barn, a leading specialty coffee roaster from Berlin, Germany. Thank you so much Ralf and Robin @The Barn for joining us!

Our team and participants were able to learn about the philosophy of The Barn, its focus on roasting, using only high quality beans which are fully traceable. Their roasting produces light and clean coffee, a pionier for Germany.

We learned the importance of single origins and the purity of the coffee, why The Barn doesn't blend to let the character and flavour of each beans stands out.

We heard about the focus on the origins and empowering the farmers to feel more proud and independent about their work to produce better quality beans.

More then anything, Ralf stressed to always keep an open mind about cupping and coffee. Taste is subjective and the true enjoyment comes from testing and finding the best flavours for you.

It was a unique and memorable expereince expanding our minds about the joy of coffee.

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