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Basking coffee (Fukuoka): 2021 November #KurasuPartnerRoaster

This month’s partner roaster is Basking Coffee in Fukuoka. The owner and roaster, Enohara-san, had initially explored his career in the music industry taking part in a music band, then in the world as a backpacker for 3 years after turning 22. Running a business of his own has become his dream after coming back to Japan, and on one fine day of dog walking, he had an inspiration of starting his new chapter in the coffee industry.


After receiving intense training at HONEY COFFEE, the pioneer of Fukuoka’s coffee scene, Enohara-san set off to travel around South America and Nordic countries to expand and deepen his understanding of coffee and its production processes. In 2014 he opened the first shop of Basking Coffee, which now has grown to 2 shops in Fukuoka and 1 in Hiroshima. He named his shop after the memorable moment from his trip to a coffee farm, seeing coffee cherries basking in the sun to dry.

Enohara-san greatly values customer relationships, and along with welcoming many regulars every day, Basking Coffee regularly hosts trekking events, climbing local mountains with customers and brew coffee at the top.


Another notable strength of Basking Coffee is their multi-talented staff members. Their baristas are not only good at brewing coffee, but eager to plan and manage various campaigns and events full of creativity- Basking Coffee is one of the most sought-after workplaces in the area, with many CVs coming in all the time.

For this month’s package, they selected their favorite Costa Rica from a coffee farm they have known for a very long time, and trust from the bottom of their hearts. “I want any coffee you pick here to be delicious” Enohara-san says, and their coffee is full of his love and knowledge ensuring that to be the case for everyone. If you have a chance to visit them in person, do try out their cappuccino- the thick layer of ever so sweet and fluffy milk foam is a taste of heaven. Even if you can’t (yet), try having these coffee as cappuccino at home- they work wonderfully well, and sure to lighten up your day!