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Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 by Kurasu

"Santa Clause is coming to town..."

Well that's how the famous song goes. So here we are, first week into December - have you organized Christmas gifts for your loved ones? How about one for yourself? If you're unsure of what to get, we’re more than happy to help you!

We've put together 4 gift set ideas and some extra items that would boost the festive spirits and put smiles on coffee-lovers' faces. Feel free to select and switch around the items you like; just put your gears together in our original "kinchaku bag" and your Christmas gift is ready to go!

1. Origami Set

Our all time favourite drippers. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, it is visually entertaining and also achieves the best brew you could ever dream of. Already an Origami user? These Origami drippers are available in multiple colours in regular and matte, each with a different taste. Decorate the shelves with these colourful Origami drippers and choose the one that suits your daily mood.

Origami Dripper 
Kurasu Coffee
Origami Filter

2. Coffee-Lover Set

A cute combination of Coffee Key Ring and Coffee Measure House from Torch, known for producing beautiful Pitchii servers and donut/mountain drippers. 

These wooden measuring spoons enable you to get a satisfying scoop of your favourite coffee beans and are perfect for gifts on this special occasion. 

Give golden coffee beans to coffee-lovers who can’t get enough of coffee. Each coffee bean is hand-made by artisans of historical Tokyo downtown, which makes them all unique in shape just like real coffee beans. 

TORCH Coffee Measure House
Kurasu Coffee
TORCH coffee key holder

3. Beans Set

Load your coffee beans shelf with our blend, single-origin and premium coffee beans. Add some drip bags and you're stocked to keep yourself warm and caffeinated for Christmas! 

Kurasu Coffee
Drip Bags

4. Beginner Set

Not sure if you're loved ones are prepared to start grinding and brewing on their own? Our drip bags are filled with specialty coffee roasted in Kyoto and would be perfect to pour over into our original To Go Tumbler for this chilly season. 

Kurasu To Go Tumbler
Drip Bags

Extra ideas!

What do you think of our gift set ideas? If there's just one or two extra items you want to add or replace, here's some great ideas to consider.

1. eNproduct Paper Filter Holder



eNproduct,with a brand concept "a place where new values are born," offers these simple and practical filter holders that complement any scene. Of course, it can hold not only filters but also napkins, drip bags, sign boards etc. This stylish holder is sure to upgrade your coffee scene!

2. Mugs by Sohei Yamamoto



Traditional Kiyomizu yaki mug cupscrafted by an artist Yamamoto Sohei san, in the old coal mine area of Uji, Kyoto. Celebrate Christmas with a good cup of coffee!

3. Kurasu Original Cap



Show what you love. With an iconic logo, this unique cap is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!  Plus, it's water resistant and easy to clean for you to enjoy wearing it on daily occasion.