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New Coffee - Brazil Daterra Low Cafe Reserve

We discuss new coffee to our lineup: Brazil Daterra Low Cafe Reserve 

You may have heard of Daterra farm before, infamous in Brazil and to the specialty coffee community with its focus on quality, sustainability, and research and development for coffee. A familiar name in competition coffee as well, we hope you'll have the chance to try out this unique lot, roasted with love from Kyoto. 

Country: Brazil

Process: Natural Process

Region: Serado De Minas, Patrosinho, Minas Gerais

Variety: Laurina, Aramosa

Altitude: 1150m

Flavor note Sangria, Caramel, Brown Sugar

Barista's comment A soothing aroma, sweet, fruity sangria flavor and a pleasant brown sugar finish.

We were lucky to get hold of this rare variety, Laurina, from Daterra farm in Brazil.

Laurina is unique for containing 40-70% less caffeine compared to regular Arabica, while still being full of rich and complex aroma Arabica is known for.

The beans are quite small and contains little water, that required a careful roasting process- we soaked the beans for longer to prevent these relatively dry beans from prematurely burning on the outside, and went through a slower roasting process to balance the temperature transition inside and the outside of the beans. 

Roasting smaller beans means the temperature rapidly increases on the second half of the process- we turn off the heat soon after the first crack and leave the beans to be roasted only with their own heat and the remaining heat of the chamber to achieve the clean flavor.


Kurasu's take on this coffee:

It smells like a typical Brazilian, not particularly special or anything notable, but when we drank it, the bursting fruitiness was surely a surprise. The fermented, complex fruitiness creates such a deep taste resembles to red Sangria. The cup develops from layered and thick texture when it's hot to lighter, more juice-like mouthfeel as it cools down. The hint of brown sugar and warm, biscuit-like flavor at the end is a great reminder of the fact that this unique coffee is truly from Brazil.