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Tsubasa's event report on Kurasu's 4th Brewers Tournament

Hi! It's Tsubasa.

I'd like to share a bit how our 4th brewers tournament went.

Some of you may have watched it live and already are familiar with it, but here's how it works.

Contestants must use the same coffee provided, but they are free to choose any dripper or brewing method (except for the last time on our 3rd tournament everyone was required to brew with AeroPress.) 

There's no limitation or required qualification, and from a home brewer to a professional, everyone brews with the same condition to produce their best coffee.   

The winning cup simply "must taste the best."

The past tournaments were all super unique and exciting; one time a home brewer advanced to a final, and the other time one contestant kept advancing with their eccentric brew-in-the-air method- every time we were wowed and touched by the diversity and the possibility of coffee brewing, learning a lot for ourselves, and this time was not an exception.  

The event was full of excitement, joy (and tears), and occasional tense moments, and each one of the contestants presented their skills and styles very well. (The fact that the winning prize was Fellow Stagg EKG has certainly added to the heat of the competition!)

Kosuke and I also attended from Team Kurasu, and it was great that we could brew with our former colleague barista, Keisuke. 

So, who brewed the best cup? What's the winning recipe? What dripper was used?…I won't spoil the fun here, and here are the links to the event log on our YouTube channel:

First round- Finals : https://youtu.be/6sBorob3pFI 

Winner's announcement: https://youtu.be/uSMFZhuvGrM 

If you would like to know more about the event please let us know! 

Until then, have a good day!