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Kosuke's talk on coffee roasting: My quest for freedom

Hi everyone, it's Kosuke from Kurasu.

Let me talk a little about coffee roasting today.

Whenever I'm roasting I can't help but noticing how stubborn I am and and how I tend to get stuck with a certain way of thinking.

Once I'm convinced with something, it takes so long for me to change that viewpoint. I get so focused on the way I thought was correct, and end up wasting time (although it often is the case that time will actually turn out to be somewhat meaningful.) 

Well, I have been dealing with who I am for 29 years now, and finally I'm getting the hang of it.  

As a coffee roaster I try to stay flexible at all times, but my natural headstrong self often tries to take over- to balance them out, I am setting a certain limitation and rules when I roast lately. 

For example, the easiest one would be fixing the gas. 

No two green beans are the same, and some accepts the heat quicker or easier than the other.  

If you come across green beans that are difficult to let the heat through, you would think the solution is easy and just put them on high gas- but then I choose to keep the gas as it is, and try to think of other ways to feed higher energy to the beans. 

Of course sometimes it simply does not work, but it can sometimes make existing beans with great result even better. 

It is a great way of discovering different approaches that wouldn't have occured to me otherwise. 

So I often try to fix certain part of the roasting process and make adjustments on the rest of the methods. And this works great for me as I am naturally a person of keeping rules and routines.   

It may seem inconvenient when you are fixated on something- taking time and thoughts to seek for an alternative, less straightforward solution.  

Try something you've never tried before.

Change something that has always been the same. 

Only then, you can discover the whole new possibility.   

The process of overcoming the inconvenience can lead you to a greater freedom. 



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