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The Top 5 Blog Articles 2020: Thank you so much for your love!

We are approaching the end of this year no one could have possibly predicted.

There surely were rough patches for us here in Kyoto too, but we are incredibly grateful for all of your love and support that made it possible for us to carry on to another year with positivity.

Take a little time to reflect on this year with us by checking out the 5 most popular blog posts from us!  

1.ORIGAMI Dripper Brewing Guide

2020 was supposed to be a year of Olympics in Japan- many were excited for that and started the year with high hopes. 

ORIGAMI Dripper sparked its worldwide popularity after getting used by the WBC champion Jia Ning Du-san in 2019 and stayed everyone's favorite. This colorful and playful dripper is an absolute fav of many of our baristas too, and now they are available in this beautifully mild matte colors

The 2020's most read blog article was ORIGAMI Dripper Brewing Guide.

2.Kalita Wave Brewing Guide

 The second most popular article was Kalita Wave Brewing Guide

From their classic stainless steel model to Kalita TSUBAME made in collaboration with Japan's best city for metalwork and crafts, Tsubame city in Niigata, organic and warm Sandstone (Sagan) dripper, and Kalita & HASAMI which is a another collaboration with Japan's traditional pottery technique, Kalita Wave is one of the drippers that comes with the most variety of styles to choose from- and any choice won't be a wrong one.   

You can learn more about why this particular shape of Kalita Wave works so well, check out Tsubasa's article "Why I love flat bed drippers so much". 

It was when we were getting ready to welcome another joyful springtime and everything has changed. Starting in March, we packed a free drip bag with a short message in all of our online orders to deliver positivity around the world.

3. Kurasu's Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee 

What didn't help was this summer in Japan was extra hot and humid- it was only reasonable that we needed a sweet and refreshing cold brew to survive. The third most popular article this year was Kurasu's Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee.  

This summer Kurasu had a big new chaper opening for us- the new shop in Ebisugawa! At Kurasu Ebisugawa we focus on helping people brewing at home. Our baristas only use equipment that can be used at home, and everything is for sale. Many people enjoyed our AeroPress latte and other seasonal limited.

4.Winning receipe of 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya 

Now having his own collaboration line with Hario, Kasuya-san is one of Japan's true legends- and the fact that his recipes and philosophy are still studied only backs it up. The long-loved article of his winning 4:6 recipe and transcript of his presentation ranked is this year too. 

Check out HARIO Mini Drip Kettle KASUYA Model

 Speaking of a championship...we host our 4th Brewers Tournament in collaboration with the city's cool cat duo, COYOTE! (well, more like cool "dogs"?)⁠

The event takes place at Impact Hub Kyoto (COYOTE the workshop) on Dec.19th.

Since it will be held without any audience and it will go live online, to share the excitement and the feel of the heated atmosphere, we are making the event's official coffee beans available for purchase! This is the exact coffee our contestants will be using to compete. Join the live stream, watch the magic happens and share the experience with us from your home! 

Check out the coffee here

5.HARIOV60 Brewing Guide 

The fifth most popular article was a brewing guide with the classic- Brewing Guide for Hario V60

The iconic V60 series is the most trusted coffee brand among coffee enthusiasts. At Kurasu, you can find many Hario products along with more independent manufacturers such as TORCH as well as Kurasu originals. Explore and find the best of the bests to make your coffee break even better! 

We are planning to introduce more of  fabulous Japanese coffee gears in coming years- stay warm and stay tuned! Thank you so much again for your great love throughout the year! xxx