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COYOTE (Kyoto) : 2021 July #KurasuPartnerRoaster

The #KurasuPartnerRoaster we present this month is COYOTE.

With the concept of "between you and producer", they showcase coffees directly imported from El Salvador in a clean, sustainable way for both consumers and producers, with fascinating background stories for each coffee.



Kadokawa-san, the owner, used to live in El Salvador supporting small scale producers at coffee farms there.

He started COYOTE with his ex-colleague, Terada-san, who is in charge of brewing while Kadokawa-san takes charge of importing and roasting- with each other, they can achieve "from seed to cup" journey together.

In their second year in July 2021 they opened a new shop, "COYOTE the ordinary shop", with newly joined members.

"We used to only sell beans, and the transition to the cafe business is a whole new challenge for us. Here we serve high quality coffee people can enjoy as a part of their daily lives, rather than some special cup for a special occasion- and we hope that eventually people will see the value in what we do", Kadokawa-san says.



Although coffee roasters and coffee shops are still very much at the main spotlight in the specialty coffee industry, their passion is to shed more light on the producers and encourage the consumers to be curious about the coffee's journey beyond "who roasted it"- through that experience COYOTE believes that the small act of drinking coffee every day can be a great opportunity to be more personal and to feel more connected to the world.

Their shop is only 5 minutes walk away from Kurasu Kyoto Stand- be sure to have them on your route when you next visit Kyoto.