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townsfolk coffee (Ishikawa): 2021 August #KurasuPartnerRoaster


#KurasuPartnerRoaster we introduce this month is townsfolk coffee in Kanazawa. After the owner, Suzuki-san left his initial career in the trading industry and IT, he jumped into the world of coffee- he first worked at NOZY COFFEE in Tokyo, then moved to Copenhagen and worked for Prolog before opening his own store, townsfolk coffee in July 2020.


With the concept "specialty coffee bar and roastery with Nordic Style," the cafe inherits many aspects and philosophy of Nordic coffee culture that inspired Suzuki-san in Copenhagen.



He still remembers the time like it was yesterday when he saw the almost utopia-like coffee culture in the city- people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups enjoy coffee everyday, and cafes are the embodiment of welcoming warmth and inclusive mindset. The name of the cafe, townsfolk, reflects Suzuki-san's wish for the cafe to be a place loved by the local people as a part of their everyday lives.



While Kanazawa does not have an established specialty coffee culture yet, Suzuki-san sees the great potential in the city of Kanazawa, and is excited to share his passion for specialty coffee full of new discoveries and intriguing stories. "For the subscription I selected the coffee packed with my idea of deliciousness. Good culinary experience doesn't need to be difficult, and I hope everyone can just sit back and enjoy the experience", Suzuki-san says with a gentle smile.



While the cafe is very pretty and cozy, having their coffee to go and walking through the large park in front of the cafe is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful city of Kanazawa. 

Photo by Nik van der Giesen