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GESHA VILLAGE Tasting Session: Kurasu Kyoto Event Photo Report

On May 3rd, Kurasu Kyoto has hosted Mr.Adam Overton and Mrs.Rachel Overton from Gesha Village, Ethiopia, and hold an exciting tasting session.

We have tried 5 different kinds of wonderful coffee from 8 sub-farms of Gesha Village. While all of them completely awed us, their naturally processed coffee was especially exceptional having juicy fruitiness just like strawberry jam and apricot.

We all enjoyed sharing our thoughts, and for most of us, Geisha from Ethiopia not from Panama was a very new experience and that boosted our enthusiasm and discussion even more.

Gesha Village is offering their coffee in small lot as well as big lot so that everyone can enjoy their coffee, and recently, many baristas have performed very well at brewer's cups brewing Gesha Village's coffee. It was a great opportunity to enjoy superb Gori Gesha thriving in the nature of Ethiopia, and to share that experience with many attendants.

Thank you so much for Adam-san and Rachel-san for coming all the way to Kyoto and shared this great opportunity with us!

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Photos from the day>>