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Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters: Kurasu Kyoto Event Photo Report

On the March 29th, Kurasu Kyoto has invited Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura, Keita-san and Mayumi-san from Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters as guest baristas to hand-drip and serve coffee they roasted. So many people visited to have their coffee and the café soon became full with great fans of Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters!

Kurasu Kyoto has been serving Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters’ coffee for about half a year now, and Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura always deliver the beans together. They are such delightful and friendly people to work with, and that made the event even more enjoyable for the people who visited and tried out their beans. There were many customers from overseas that day, and lot of people purchased the beans after having Nakamurasan’s coffee. It was great to see the coffee from Oyamazaki, Kyoto is taking flight to the world.

After the café closed we had a workshop, where we enjoyed experiencing difference between cinnamon roast, medium roast and full city roast. “To describe our coffee, we always find the flavors from our daily-life food, rather than trying to find the flavor in the coffee matches the fancy terms for coffee”, says Keita-san, and the participants enjoyed describing the flavor freely with their own words. Some said “brown sugar!”, “roasted green tea!” or “chestnuts!”, and the other said “marmalade” or “sweet apple tea”, all well describing the warmth and delicate flavors of Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters, just like Keita-san and Mayumi-san are.

Keita-san, Mayumi-san, thank you so much for joining us and making this successful event possible!

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Photos from the day>>>