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Our Favourite Kono Meimon Dripper: Now Available in Seven Colours!

To celebrate colourful KONO Meimon Drippersjoining our line-up, we'd like to take some time to look into this ingenious, all-time favourite dripper in depth. Let us unravel the reasons behind why we love KONO so much!


1. History of KONO Meimon Dripper
2. Key characteristics of coffee extracted with KONO
3. Seven colours joining our line-up!
4. Taking a look on the bottom of the dripper
5. Cautions

1. History of KONO Meimon Dripper

KONO Meimon Dripper is a product of Kono Coffee Syphon Company, established in 1925. As incorporated in the company name, it's famous for inventing syphon coffee maker. After five years of development, KONO Meimon Dripper was released in 1973. 

The simple form and affordable price makes this an approachable dripper for all coffee-lovers seeking for delicious coffee. 

2. Key characteristics of coffee extracted with KONO

Minimalistic design with twelve inner ribs extending from the bottom to the middle of the dripper. These ribs plays a key role in enabling consistent home brew.

Compared to other conical drippers such as Hario V60, ORIGAMI and Flower Drippers, the upper half of the dripper becomes sealed with filter, resulting in relatively slow extraction. (Note: Ribs on the lower half of the dripper prevents clogging.)

What's good about slow extraction? You can minimize inconsistency of your pour-over. 

Fast flow-rate makes controlling the flavour of your coffee difficult as the speed and technique of your pour-over directly affects the finished coffee. 

With Kono Meimon Dripper that adjusts the flow-rate to a steady pace, you can extract full flavours of coffee regardless of its roast level. In particular, this dripper is known for producing mellow and sweet coffee. 


Talking of materials, Kono Meimon Dripper is made of plastic which maintains steady temperature throughout the pour-over, which is another factor contributing to high extraction rate. 

3. Seven colours joining our line-up!

We're excited to bring in colourful Kono Meimon Drippersto our line-up! 

From yellow to light green, these vibrant drippers are so charming that they are a delight to line them up on the shelves. By the way, my favourite is cherry pink!

4. Taking a look on the bottom of the dripper

A cute, fun fact to share.

I bet not many of us pay attention to the bottom of the dripper, but let's flip Kono Meimon Dripper upside down. You will find the Japanese logo "名門/Meimon" imprinted on the bottom of the dripper. Can you also spot coffee beans?

5. Cautions

The supplier assures that the dripper can withstand temperature up to 90°C. 

However, many of us probably exceed this temperature when brewing light roast coffee. The plastic dripper are susceptible to getting cracks due to temperature difference with hot water, steam around kitchen area etc. 

There is no issue with continuing to use cracked drippers as long as there's no liquid leakage, but if you're concerned about the appearance, we recommend brewing coffee at lower temperature. In our cafes we use them with the cracks, and they brew delicious coffee without any problems so far. Quick note, cracks are less noticeable on coloured drippers. 

Overall Kono Meimon Dripper is a great dripper to brew delicious, sweet coffee. Happy home brews with KONO!

*Quick comparison with flat bed drippers

If you want to know more about the difference between conical drippers like this Kono Meimon Dripper and flat bed drippers, check out Tsubasa's blog post from here! We hope you find the dripper that suits your needs.