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Meet Kurasu Partner: Niseko Coffee🇵🇭

We’re happy to be partnering with Niseko Coffee from Manila, Philippines. Let us share their story with you.

Niseko Coffee is a Japanese-inspired coffee shop  with the concept and goal of creating a fusion between Japanese-style brewing and locally sourced coffee.

Diane started Niseko Coffee with passion during the first few months of the pandemic and the project blossomed into a full-scale coffee stand in Metro Manila, Philippines just May of 2021. The stylish coffee shop with clean, minimalist theme is named after a beautiful small town in Hokkaido, Japan which is Diane’s favourite holiday destination. Diane and her team’s passion to bring a taste of Japan to Manila is demonstrated not only in the quality of their drinks and snacks, but also in their brewing style which is greatly influenced by Japanese precision and discipline. 

Other than a line-up of quality coffee drinks which I will share with you later, they  serve a range of snacks and drinks, including our authentic OKUMIDORI matcha sourced directly from small farms in Kyoto. 

Praised by many locals for having the best matcha in town, they offer classic matcha lattes hot/iced, sweetened/unsweetened. They strive to serve Manila with a taste of Japan; if  you’re in the Philippines and can’t wait any longer to visit Japan, then head over to Niseko Coffee and you’re settled with quality matcha imported straight from us. Also, don't forget to try their iconic 'taiyaki' while you're there! 

“Quality is priority when it comes to our products, so for our new product, Matcha Latte, we’ve chosen Kurasu’s OKUMIDORI matcha powder whose premium taste blends perfectly well with milk. You know you’re drinking premium matcha when you have a taste of Okumidori. It’s rich and well-balanced with a smooth finish. No bitter aftertaste.” -Diane, owner of Niseko Coffee. 

While their matcha drinks are a must-try, their amazing coffee line-up makes decision making incredibly difficult.

 For their espresso drinks, which includes their Signature Latte and Campfire Latte, they use medium roast, 100% arabica beans locally sourced from farms in Atok, Benguet with notes of chocolate and caramel. 

As for pour-overs, they brew both local and international beans. Here’s the exciting news - Niseko Coffee will be featuring Kurasu as guest roaster for April, 2022! Thank you so much Niseko Coffee for introducing our coffee to their customers in Manila. To our friends there, we hope you enjoy freshly brewed Haru Kochi served by our amazing partner. Keep an eye out for their official release date and get a taste of coffee from Kyoto!

Enjoy delicious and unique fusion of Japan and the Philippines presented with passion by Diane and her fantastic team.

Check out Niseko Coffee's menu and location now!

(Who imagined you get to taste taiyaki in Manila? Looks great!)


Greenhills Promenade, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

MON-FRI 11am-7pm

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