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    Our Signature: OKUMIDORI


    Our signature, single origin matcha green tea made in collaboration with YUGEN.
    High quality, single origin, single variety green tea for an affordable price.
    Treat your guests, customers and yourself to this well balanced, rich in flavor and vibrant green color of this OKUMIDORI.

    OKUMIDORI is milder and lighter compared to our Uraha, making it a perfect match for milk and sugar compatible with a wider taste palates and variety of recipes. 
    * 500g / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Rafal W.
    Rich taste

    Smooth, rich in taste and packing quite an umami punch: If you like matcha you will love this! :D

    Li J.
    Love it!

    The green tea is smooth, taste great! Definitely will re-purchase 😍

    I love it!

    I ordered the one with sugar, well mixed and sweetness is well balanced! Tea powder is fine enough to mix with milk and water easily.

    Jen L.
    Good Quality

    We use this powder to make green tea latte, green tea cookies and muffins, they taste heavenly!

    Harriet H.

    Excellent quality matcha with a well-balanced flavor. Works really well with soy milk but also very tasty on its own. Also the packaging is absolutely beautiful!

    Sourced from micro farms in Kyoto

    Directly sourced, traceable from local micro farms which we have direct contact with.

    Hand picked, hand processed, and hand packaged.

    Making Matcha Latte

    1. Place 2.5g matcha into a small bowl.(Using a tea strainer helps to remove lumps)

    2. Pour 60ml, 85c (185f) water. Gently mix matcha with water, gradually increasing the speed.

    3. Pour matcha into warm or cold milk.

    You can also consider our tea tool line up for an enhanced experience.