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Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide: How we do it at Kurasu in 2022

Hi everyone! How's your home brews going?

Today we will be sharing our pour-over recipe for light roast coffee; read through and watch the brew guide by our head roaster Kosuke to make your perfect cup of coffee at home!

Here's the video and we've put down some notes in this blog post for you to follow.

What you need

Here are the equipment/coffee used in the video:
14g of light roast coffee
Dripper: Hario V60 Dripper 01  (available in red and white)
Server: TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii
Scale: Hario V60 Drip Scale Black
Paper filter: Hario V60 White Paper Filter 100 sheets

Some tips to keep in mind when preparing coffee:

- Fill the kettle with plenty of hot water.
You'll be in better control of your pour-over. 

- Pick a small tea spoon for agitation
You want to be able to dig deep into the coffee bed. 

- An iPhone and kitchen scale will do its job!
Don't worry if you don't have a drip scale, time your brew with your phone and weigh coffee/water with a kitchen scale. 

Let's get brewing!

The key to producing good coffee at home is being precise with "ratio" and "time."

With this in mind, let's start brewing. 

Here's the recipe:


1. Spend 10 seconds on each pour. 
By pouring hot water in the fixed amount of time, your pour-over will be consistent throughout.

2. Agitate after the first pour.
Agitate with a tea spoon 2-3 times in order to bring our pleasant acidity.

3. Make the second pour steady and aggressive. 
This will bring our rich sweetness of coffee. 

4. Make the thrid pour nice and gentle.
The purpose of third pour onward is adjustment of concentration level. 

5. Give it a final stir after the last pour.
The first and final agitation will make the extraction consistent all the time.

6. Finish at approximately 2'30.
Remove the dripper from the server once water is no longer visible on the coffee bed. 

For fruity coffee lovers we trying this basic recipe with our Hario drippers, on the other hand for a more well-balanced coffee we recommend trying this recipe with Kalita drippers. 

Find out more on the recipe and extra tips from Kosuke - make sure to like and subscribe! 

Happy home brews!