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A Home Brew Revolution: Recipe by Head Barista Tsubasa

Hi it's Tsubasa here!

I've come up with a revolutionary home brew recipe and I'm excited to share it with you today. By the time you're finished with the blog, you'd be excited as I am in trying out this new recipe...Get your coffee beans ready!

If you find the recipe and coffee impressive, call me Steve Jobs of the home brew industry.  

Joking aside, let's dive into the topic. 

What do you think about when brewing coffee at home?

"Making a delicious cup of coffee like the one I had in a coffee shop."

"Simply have fun."



The main focus of home brews really depends on each person. 

However, I think most people try to find a way to make coffee shop quality coffee at home.

In fact, that's what I wanted to do. But the reality is tough. 

・Professional equipment vs. home brew equipment
・Need to make very fine and precise adjustment of recipe. 
・Aging of coffee must be under complete control. 

The list goes on. 

As a barista and coffee-lover, I spend almost my entire time awake thinking about coffee; yet, I cannot come up with a way to replicate the exact same coffee served in cafes at home. (Of course, you can make delicious home brew coffee, but I am talking about making professional coffee shop quality coffee here.)

I've been caught up for days trying to make professional level coffee in home brew environment, and I was getting nowhere. 

Suddenly one day, I hear Job's voice in my ear. 

"Be wild."

From that moment, so many new ideas came flooding in. 

Instead of trying to put professional coffee shop operation into practice at home, I shifted my mind to brewing coffee that can only be made at home.

I experimented with my ideas and finally the recipe is ready.

Today I'm brewing Ecuador Arnaud Causse Heirloom with Hario V60 Dripper. The two are my recommendations but of course if you don't have them now, please give it a try with your beans and gears. 

<What you need>
- Coffee 14g (medium fine grind)
- Room temperature water 40g
- Boiling water 170g


*Use room temperature water for the first pour only. 

0:00 ~ 0:10  +40g 
0:10 ~ 0:20    Agitate
0:45 ~ 0:55  +80g (Total: 120g)
1:15 ~ 1:30  +90g (Total: 210g)
1:25 ~ Stir the coffee bed 3 times along the dripper surface

Total Brew Time  : around 3:00


What makes this recipe special is the inconsistency. The temperature of room water varies each day and to maintain water at 20 degrees is difficult even in a coffee shop environment. 

This inconsistency would naturally make this recipe unsuitable for coffee shop purposes. When you walk into a cafe, you would be expect the same quality every day, right?

On the other hand, you can enjoy the freedom of experimenting with the inconsistencies of home brews.  This new perspective of purely exploring the unique aspects of coffee resulting from different variables each day opens new doors for home brews. 

So with that said, put away your kettle thermometers and simply enjoy brewing coffee with a combination of room temperature and boiling water. 

Talk to you again soon. 

Steve Tsubasa.