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Kurasu Kyoto Stand Celebrates 7th Anniversary this August

Hi, Kaori here from Kurasu Kyoto Stand.

On August 11th, Kuasu Kyoto Stand marks its 7th anniversary- what a joyful occasion!

This year's theme for the anniversary is:

   Welcome Back!

   Always be happy!

   Always we're staying here!

   Let’meet at OUR Kyoto Stand!

   Let’s find new favorites!

Sassii from our packing team drew a great illustration on the Stand's iconic window!


When I closed my eyes to reflect on this past 12months and thought about where we want to head to for the future, an image came to my mind- multiple circles or rings overlapping with each other, like a Venn diagram. 

Kurasu Kyoto Stand isn't just our shop. Our staff members, regulars, Kurasu fans across the world, those who are thinking of visiting Kurasu in the future, and those who used to work with us- Kurasu Kyoto Stand won't be completed without any one of them, and that circle of community is what's at the core of Kurasu's value.

Those diverse circles of communities connects, overlaps, sometimes drift apart and create another new circle.  

This past year in particular left a strong impression on me- while some of my long-term teammates left to start their new chapter of their lives, we welcomed wonderful new members too. 

Oh, and we now have TAP COFFEE too! 

Our espresso blend was updated to House Blend Medium as well.

Including things that change and that don't change, both and everything else is integral to Kurasu Kyoto Stand. Everything is important for us.


When a customer steps into Kurasu Kyoto Stand, the temperature rises, and it gives color to everything- a vibrant life bursts and spreads.

That's what our staff members are seeing from the counter. 

We love this space, and we will continue to cherish this slice of heaven- sometimes trying and failing, sometimes welcoming changes- all to serve a great cup of coffee for everyone every day. 

Thank you so much again for your love and support, and I look forward to welcoming you in Kyoto. 

Kurasu Kyoto Stand 




Kurasu Original Design T-shirt (Kyoto Stand 7th Anniv. Design)is also available now- check it out!