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Kurasu Roaster Stories: Single O Japan (Tokyo)

Kurasu Roaster Stories is a video series introducing our amazing #KurasuPartnerRoasters. 

When we started working with roasters from around Japan, we not only wanted to sell the beans, we wanted to tell their stories. Japan has a uniquely robust market of roasters, from 100g in-house to shops churning out hundreds of kilos weekly. To us, they are not better then the other - each one unique, compelling, and captivating. We thought what better way to chronicle our connections through video. It's the closest way to feel like you're in the shop, chatting with these roasters and we didn't see anyone doing this for Japanese roasters.

For our second video, we've collaborated with Yama-san of Single O Japan in Tokyo.  

Kurasu was born while I was living in Sydney back in 2013 - I’ve always loved coffee but that was the place I really started to have some meaningful interactions with specialty coffee culture. Single O was one of the first specialty coffee spots I visited very often for an absolutely great cup of coffee. Whether it was their silky flat whites, or their amazing lineup of origins / filters, I felt they always were on top of their game highly competitive Sydney / Australian market.

When I decided to open a small retail / cafe in my hometown of Kyoto 3 years later, I had in mind to capture my amazing coffee experience I had in Australia. Things all aligned from there as Single O Japan had just opened a roastery in Tokyo. There, I met Yama-san, the owner and head roaster. Back then, they were basically a 2 person operation with his wife Mamiko-san, and I was immediately struck by their charm and love and passion for coffee- I decided on the spot to use their coffee for our espresso and periodically feature their filter origins.

From there, Yama san helped us through the whole process of setting up our cafe, through sourcing our espresso equipment to guiding us through the design from a cafe operation stand point. Through these 2 years, our team has gained so much knowledge from them through their training, cupping sessions, and seminars.

Even now as we’ve started roasting on our own, Yama-san and the team are always there to give us a support and lend a helping hand, which we’re always grateful for.

We’re happy to feature them as part of our #KurasuParterRoaster for a look behind their roasting process- hear their stories through their voices.


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