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Have you tried our Single Origin Coffee Set?

Hi everyone, this is Back Office Manager Shoko writing to you today. 

Have you tried our signature Single Origin Coffee Taster Set? It's one of our most popular products in our line-up, and you get to taste the best picks of Kurasu coffee.

What's so great about single origin coffee?

Single origin coffee is coffee sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia...the list of producers goes on. 

There are many other factors apart from geographical location that contributes to the outcome of coffee; climate, soil, elevation and varieties are just some of the few players that take a role in shaping the taste of coffee. 

Single origin coffee demonstrates the terroir and each producer's skill, which makes each coffee unique and special. After joining Kurasu, I've had the chance to try various coffee beans from different regions and varieties, and I've been amazed how each coffee has its own taste. 

Each coffee has a producer and you can feel a connection with them through single origin coffee. 

New encounters 

Not sure which origin to try? Let us pick out the best from the line-up. 

We will pack 100g each of 3 types of single origin coffee, just the right amount to taste and explore the uniqueness of each origin and our roast profile. We recommend using 14g of coffee per single serve, so with 300g of coffee you will be able to enjoy a cup everyday for 3 weeks! 

Coffee is a natural offering and you will never find the exact same coffee again next season. If you find one that you really like, get it while you still can. It's a pure joy encountering new coffee and the journey goes on!

 Gift for your loved ones (and of course you deserve one, too!)

How about giving your loved ones single origin coffee with Kurasu Original Design "Kinchaku" Drawstring Pouch? Pop in coffee bags, letters, and anything else you wish to enclose together. Share what you love with the people you love - good coffee brings people together!