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Let's Make AeroPress Latte at Home!

Hello everyone, this is Ayaka.

How's your home brew going? I hope you've checked out my Youtube video on how to make iced AeroPress latte. I've decided to write the content out in this blog, so I hope you enjoy!


As a barista, my wish is for everyone to be able to brew good coffee at home. Especially since last year, we began spending more time at home which on the bright side means we have more opportunities to enjoy home brews. Hopefully, I can assist you in making your home brew even better than it already is.

Today I will share with you methods and tips on making delicious latte at home!


- What is AeroPress?
- The key item: Prismo Filter!
- Recommended iced latte recipe. 

Let's get into it!

What is AeroPress?

First of all, do you know what an AeroPress is?

It's a coffee equipment originally invented for outdoor purposes and extracts coffee by using air pressure. It receives much attention in the coffee industry that world championships on AeroPress are held - so make sure you keep yourself updated with the trends!

Details on AeroPress can be checked from our previous post

The key item: Prismo Filter!

 For today's latte recipe, I'd like to attach Prismo filter, a pressure-actuated valve, to the AeroPress. 

This filter replaces the standard cap and filter and can be applied easily.

This very fine 150 micron etched filter with no-drip seal firmly keeps your coffee immersed and contained until the moment you put air pressure on it. 

Since paper filter is replaced with metal filter, the aromatic coffee oil gets extracted together.

"Immersion Brewing + Metal Filter"

This is the ultimate combination to extracting a rich, flavourful coffee for a latte. 

Recommended Iced Latte Recipe

Now let's actual make iced latte!

Here are the things you will need for this recipe:
- Coffee beans 20g (Very fine grind. Set your grinder to the finest level)
- Hot water (91°C)
- AeroPress Coffee Maker
- Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment
- Kettle
- Server
- Milk 140g (Soy, oats, etc. - your choice!)


1. Place AeroPress with the Prismo filter set onto the server and pour in the coffee grounds. 

2. Start the timer and pour 60g of hot water.

3. Stir the coffee and hot water with the paddle or a spoon until timer shows 30 sec. mark.

4. Wait until 1'30. Then, press down!
Coffee extraction is completed. 

Lastly, put ice cubes and milk into your choice of cup and gently pour coffee over it. Now your iced latte is ready! Easy, right?

You can also make affogato by pouring extracted coffee over vanilla ice cream. By switching to decaffeinated coffee, small children and mothers can enjoy it too.

Let us know if you have other ideas, there are numerous ways to apply this delicious coffee extracted using today's recipe!

Check out our YouTube video on today's recipe using AeroPress and Prismo filter. Also, if you have the chance to visit us at Ebisugawa, you can actually try AeroPress latte our barista makes at the counter. 

Enjoy and see you again!