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Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect With Our House Blend Dark: Bright, Aromatic Orange Peel and Rich, Bitter-sweet Dark Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Whenever we hear “Valentine’s Day” all we can think of is chocolate (mmm). 

Did you know that you can find “chocolate” in some of the coffee’s flavor profiles?  You may get a sweet, aromatic whiff that reminds you of chocolate when you open a bag of coffee, grind or brew some coffee.

It doesn’t mean, however, there is any actual chocolate added to a coffee. If you see a mention of chocolate on a list of flavor notes for your coffee, it means that you will likely find yourself experiencing something very similar to how you feel when you enjoy chocolate, or at least it reminds you of chocolate via the combination of the flavor and taste from the cup. 

Flavors like “chocolate” or “caramel” are often found in medium-dark roast- a sugar contained in coffee beans gets caramelized as they are roasted, and they eventually develop a fragrant, roasty, bitter-sweet flavor that is similar to caramel or chocolate.   

If you are intrigued by the “chocolate” in coffee, try out our  House Blend Dark.

It’s one of the very few dark roast coffee at Kurasu but it is many’s solid favorite! People love the bright, aromatic orange peel dancing with the rich, bitter-sweet dark chocolate this coffee gives. 

For this blend we use coffee from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia- all so vibrant and their characteristics shine through as the roasting level develops. 


Kurasu House Blend Dark


Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia



Flavor note

Orange Peel, Dark Chocolate, Buttery, Long Aftertaste

Barista's comment

One of our two daily house blends. A rich, bitter-sweet dark chocolate and a refreshingly aromatic orange peel make your everyday life a little bit more special. 


To Make an Indulgent, Sweet Cup with Rich Aftertaste, Try This: 

Dripper: Hario V60

Coffee: 16g (Fine grind)

Hot Water: 200g (91℃)

① ~0:30 Pour 200g in one go

② 1:10~20 Finish brewing


Recipe explained by Kosuke: You’ll need to grind as fine as when you make iced coffee. Finer grinds tend to give out more unpleasant flavors, so the key is to finish brewing before they can come out. To do so, we advise you to reduce the rounds of pours down to one. This way, you can benefit from the fine grinds without getting any undesirable qualities and can  achieve a cup that has rich aftertaste and sweetness. 


Check out our YouTube video to find out more!


There is more than one way to enjoy our House Blend Dark…

At Kurasu, you can find several ways to enjoy our House Blend Dark. Find out more from our shop and treat yourself and your valentine on the special day!