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Meet Kurasu Partner: 727 Coffee & Co.

We are proud to work with 727 Coffee & Co., our partner who serves our specialty coffee from Kyoto to everyone in Subic Bay, Zambales, the Philippines. 727 Coffee & Co. started partnering with Kurasu roughly 6 months ago and happily shared that our coffee has received much love from their customers. 

Gian Gapan

Edwin Choi

Before dabbling in coffee, the co-founders of 727 Coffee & Co. Gian Gapan and Edwin Choi started their business in the beauty industry back in 2011. During post-pandemic 727 Coffee & Co. was born and began its operation on the 21st of November 2021. With the current coffee scene in Subic Bay, both thought that there was indeed an opportunity for specialty coffee to bloom, and through 727 they would be able to educate people about what specialty coffee is all about and what sets the third wave apart from commercial coffee experience, which in their experience is what most Filipinos would make as a benchmark for what really good coffee is.

"It will indeed be a long battle but with the effort coming from specialty coffee houses, roasters, and Kurasu's all-out support, we are confident that in no time everyone will have knowledge of specialty coffee, embrace it and become part of Filipino lifestyle and culture." expressed Gian. 

Gian also shared that the unique name of 727 Coffee & Co. is derived from the building number where the cafe is located and is believed to be an angel's number signifying that "you need to slow down and bring balance into your life, a simple reminder that life is short not to enjoy the little things in life.

Aside from serving a wide range of coffee beverages, 727 Coffee & Co. Edwin as the brand strategist has the vision to create diverse coffee beverages and to enrich people's lifestyles through the wide assortment of flavors of specialty coffee. They also serve non-coffee drinks and a variety of sweet treats. They also have a great assortment of food on their menu that will surely tickle your appetite. 

Gian confesses that Filipino food culture has inspired them while creating some of the beverage items on their wide coffee menu. They have everything from espresso-based drinks like americano, cafe lattes, cappuccino, more unique signature drinks inspired by Subic bay, and of course single-origin coffee options. 

Before working with Kurasu, Gian shared his time stumbling across a cafe in Japan, and how he enjoyed his time there, and later he found out that the cafe he visited was Kurasu's cafe. We are happy to be able to work with 727 Coffee & Co. in sharing the Japanese coffee culture with all of the coffee lovers that visit Subic Bay. 

If you are ever in Subic Bay, visit 727 Coffee & Co. and you might meet their very special team member Seven, the giant poodle. You can meet the lovely, smart, and undeniably adorable Seven if you visit 727 Coffee & Co. every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

To learn more about them check out their Instagram and Facebook. For all you dog lovers out there, we are happy to share that Seven the giant poodle also has an Instagram you can follow. 


727 Coffee & Co. 

Portion of Bldg. 727 Manila Avenue Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, 2200 Zambales, Philippines