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ORIGAMI Dripper Brewing recipe: How we do it at Kurasu

The spotlight shining on the famous ORIGAMI Dripper is now even brighter after it was used by this year's World Brewers Cup champion, Jia Ning Du-san. In this article, we will introduce how we brew with this beautiful dripper, and how it is different from HARIO V60 and Kalita Wave! 

The great feature of ORIGAMI Dripper is its flexibility. It is compatible with both HARIO V60 filter and Kalita Wave filter, and that itself gives you a great freedom to express wide range of flavor.

You can apply our standard recipe for HARIO V60 or Kalita Wave's recipe

Because of the similarity in shape and structure, ORIGAMI Dripper extracts quite similarly to V60 if you use V60 filter and its recipe. The pouring speed directly affects the extraction speed, so ORIGAMI gives you more control compared to V60.  

With Kalita wave's recipe, you can experience a smoother extraction while getting the wonderful consistency Kalita Wave has. 

ORIGAMI Dripper is thinner compared to other ceramic drippers- it releases the heat relatively quicker, which results in cleaner, sweeter and milder extraction. 

This time, we will show you how we do it at Kurasu Fushimi Inari!

<ORIGAMI Dripper recipe> (Produces: 170-180g)

Coffee: 15g
Water: 270g (88-90℃)
1. During the first 30 seconds, pour 40g of water
2. During the next 30 seconds, slowly pour 130g of water 
3. Finish pouring 270g of water before the timer hits 80 seconds
4. Take the dripper off from the server


We use 15g of coffee for this recipe, finely ground. (around #6.5 on EK grinder)

By grinding finely, you can extract the goodness quickly and intensely, which lets you finish the extraction before it starts dripping any unpleasant taste. You can also grind it coarse if you prefer a light extraction. 

Left: grind for V60 brew/ Right: grind for ORIGAMI brew

We grind a little finer compared to V60 recipe (we use EK grinder.)

Keep the water temperature relatively low, around 88-90c, to avoid any unpleasant flavor. The key is to finish brewing on time. Make sure to rinse the filter beforehand. 

Pour 40g of hot water within the first 30 seconds. During the next 30 seconds slowly pour 130g of hot water. This is to extract all the goodness in coffee efficiently. 

Pour the remaining 270g at once before the timer hits 1:20. Then remove the dripper even there is some water left in the dripper and finish the extraction.

By brewing with this recipe, you can make a clean, not too strong but very sweet and mild cup.

ORIGAMI Dripper is such a flexible dripper that gives you great control and freedom- please try out our recipe and explore it from there!

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