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Roaster's Note: Honduras Belarmino Contreras

A Cup That Reminds Us to Cherish the Moment and Take Time: Honduras Belarmino Contreras

Written by Jongmin from roasting team

This is our second Pacas purchase from Belarmino-san. We absolutely loved the mellow and delicately layered cup last year- this year’s lot has improved sweetness, and is even better quality in general. Today, we’d like to share a bit more about this delicious coffee perfect for a warming, comforting winter cup. 

Meet the producer: Belarmino-san

Since he was young, Belarmino-san helped his father at the family farm, and continued the legacy as a farm owner, planting coffee trees on the inherited land. With his older brother who joined the specialty coffee industry first, Belarmino-san has started his journey of growing microlot specialty coffee.

Despite numerous issues including the increasing costs and lack of labor force, Belarmino-san and his farm will not compromise their quality control carefully done by hand. His vision is to plant Geisha and SL28 to further draw the potential out of his land.

Honduras Belarmino Contreras

Roasting level: Light
Process: Fully washed
Variety: Pacas
Cup comment: Floral aroma, taste of kaki persimmon and apricot, baked apple-like sweetness, and deep aftertaste of green tea.


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Roaster’s Note

These green beans are naturally blessed with a very clean acidity.

A mild, Japanese citrus fruits like note is a pleasant addition to the tender, lovely Sencha green tea like aftertaste we absolutely loved in last year's batch.

Overall, we find this year's crop is easier on the tongue with even more umami. The beans arrived in Japan a bit earlier, and that also helps with this coffee being extra fresh and juicy.

Our recipe on Honduras Belarmino Contreras: “Less is More”

Dripper: HARIO V60
Coffee: 12.5g
Grind level: Coarse
Water: 200g (92-93c)

00:00-00:40 Pour 40g for bloom (make sure to wet the coffee bed thoroughly)
00:40-01:10 Pour 60g (make sure to pour semi-aggressively to stir the coffee )
01:10-01:40 Pour 50g
01:40-02:10 Pour 50g
2:20- Finish brewing

At Kurasu, we usually use 13g+ coffee to brew. But for this coffee, we encourage you to brew with less- think of it like making some more “space” for the goodness in coffee to be drawn out. This way, you will give this wonderful aftertaste a better space to fully be extracted in the cup.

The important thing here is not the number, as your brewing environment can vary, but to use a little less coffee than you usually would.
But here’s a thing- 12.5g is also a magic number, because it makes exactly 8 cups out of a 100g bag of coffee. None of that some odd leftovers- I think any coffee lover would like that.


We just love this coffee, not only because of its great cup quality but for the wholeness of it- it makes a cup that sits with you quietly in the moment of calm idleness. Not necessarily flamboyant, but it reminds you of the beauty of saving some space for yourself, taking things slow. Luxury of mindfulness perhaps. Great for a cup to start the morning, or chill in the afternoon.

(photo credit: SYU・HA・RI)