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Subscription Coffee: Roaster Changing Announcement


We would like to announce for our subscription coffee, we will change from our usual partner roasters to coffee roasted by Kurasu for the next month or maybe 2 or more. We had shared on our product page that our coffee will be from MANLY COFFEE / Fukuoka, however it will be moved a few months down.

Two main reasons behind the change.

One is that Japan post, which we use to send most of our subscription coffee to our overseas customers have suspended service for many countries due to the restrictions caused by coronavirus. We’ve had many coffees returned to us from last month’s subscription due to these sudden changes which we’re currently scrambling to accommodate. We do not want coffee from our partner roaster’s to get lost or have to ask to resend. These adjustments will be much more easier to handle with our coffee. Necessary measures are being made in place so that coffee for next month will reach our members properly, but we’ll just have to see due to the changing situations.

The second reason is we pride ourselves in not just sending coffee but promoting the stories of each of our featured roasters, including interviews, photo shoot and videos. With the limited restriction in movement it will be hard to commit to these promises and do not want do an offhand job in featuring these amazing roasters from around Japan. 

We are brainstorming different ways we can maintain our partner roaster subscription if these obstacles continue to occur after more then 2 months, but for the meantime hope you’ll bare with us with our delicious roasts while we try to comprehend the situation as much as possible. 

If you would like to pause your subscription for the time being, you can easily do so by accessing your account or e-mailing us at hello@kurasu.kyoto

The coffee we will be sending is Guatemala Las Brisas Nano Lot, Rwanda KIVU Belt Jarama Lot 11.

Much love from Kurasu❤️