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Tetsu Kasuya's Ice Brew Coffee Recipe (English Translation)

I think we've all heard and seen Mr. Kasuya's exciting ice brew coffee recipe that is going viral around the world. Here at Kurasu, we gave it a go and had so much fun that we want to share it with our friends, too!

We have picked out the essence of  Mr. Kasuya’s Youtube video and translated them into English. Read along together with the video, and enjoy!

Full credit of the recipe goes to the legend, Mr. Kasuya - Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with the world!

Youtube: https://youtu.be/HDmhY5adR3s 


Things you need:

Coffee: 50g/Medium-coarse grind (We used House Blend Dark)
Ice: 500g
Cold water: 100g
Dripper: Hario V60 03 dripper (We used Hario Switch Immersion Dripper 360 with the switch pushed down)
Server: Hario V60 Coffee Server 600 
Scale: Hario V60 Drip Scale Black


1. Grind coffee and set inside the dripper.
2. Place ice blocks over the coffee bed - a bit like Jenga!
3. Pour 100g of cold water over the ice/coffee bed. 
4. Wait for all the ice to melt and your coffee is ready!

Mr. Kasuya talks about the essence of “ice brew coffee.” (5’20~)

Basically, this method is “super-cold brewing.” Obviously, ice is colder than room temperature water. Coffee brewed with ice has extremely rich and syrupy texture, like drinking “starch.” Perhaps adding ice in your glass would adjust the overall balance. 

Since you pile ice cubes directly on the coffee bed, you would notice that some part of the coffee bed will not be immersed in water. To be honest, this doesn’t bother me too much (as the main purpose of this method is to have fun!), but here’s a tip to cover this minor issue. Gently pour up to 100g of cold water over the coffee (ice) bed. I guess this acts as the blooming process. 

Speaking of ratio, for 50g of coffee, I suggest using approximately 600g of ice and water combined to get rich iced coffee (1:12 ratio of coffee to ice/water). Of course, you can adjust the ratio of ice and water. In my coffee shop, Philocoffea, we use 300g of ice and 300g of water for 50g of coffee (1:6:6 ratio of coffee to ice to water).

Mr. Kasuya takes a sip. (7’50~)

The mouthfeel of ice brewed coffee is excellent, completely different from regular cold brew coffee using water. While regular ones are soothing, ice brewed coffee is so full in volume that it’s “jaw-dropping.” 

Also, the rich texture emphasises the sweetness of coffee. In general,  Kenyan coffee (used in the video) has citrus notes and acidity. However, the most noticeable in this ice brewed coffee is the sweetness of peach. Literally, you’re biting into a ripe peach! The balance of texture, acidity and volume of sweetness is perfect. 

Like I’ve said before, this recipe lacks reproducibility. In my coffee shop, we use iced-water (1:1 ratio of ice to water) and special equipment specifically for making cold brew coffee to achieve consistency. However, the recipe I introduced today is focused on having fun with home-brew. So think of it like a game, piling up ice on coffee, and enjoying each unique brew. The coffee would taste delicious anyways!

This method can be applied to coffee of all roast level. You often get left overs in your bags of coffee, right? Just put them all together to make your own unique blend and brew it with ice. You won’t be disappointed.