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Celebrating with Tanzania Geisha - Kurasu Kyoto Stand 6th Anniversary

Kurasu Kyoto Stand marks its 6th Year Anniversary on August 11th, 2022. We're celebrating this special occasion with a premium coffee; Tanzania Acacia Hills Geisha.

Why did Head Roaster Kosuke decide to roast Tanzania Geisha for our 6th anniversary? Read along to find out and make sure to secure your anniversary set to join us for the celebration!


Message from Head Roaster Kosuke:

It's pretty straight forward, I wanted to offer something special for the anniversary event. So I guess it's no surprise choosing Geisha, right?

This coffee is simply delicious. I encountered this coffee at SCAJ last year. To my surprise, the citric acidity and sweetness bursted in my mouth, followed by a Jasmine aroma unique to Geisha. 

The overall impression from aroma to taste is pleasantly sweet. I still remember how blown away I was at the cupping session. (To be honest, I was actually exhausted from the SCAJ event so this coffee literally opened my eyes.)

I got our Head Barista Tsubasa to join me for the roasting, as he was also there with me at the cupping session. After all, he knows the best about what our customers at Kyoto Stand want from us. 

Let's celebrate together with a bag of Tanzania Geisha - Can't wait to share the excitement with you!