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Brew coffee outdoors with Munieq Tetra Dripper

Hi everyone, it's Kaori! 

How's your coffee life been these days? Today I want so share about my outdoor coffee experience I had the other day. Hopefully I can share some useful tips and ideas for you to try out - let's get into it!

My Outdoor Brew Gears

I got together with some Kurasu staff by the Kamo River on a sunny morning. Here are some of the brew gears I brought with me. 

Dripper: Munieq Tetra Dripper

You're set with delicious, flavourful coffee wherever you are with this ingenious dripper designed by Munieq. It's so light and compact that you can carry it around in your pocket. 


Kettle: Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku

One of the essential features of kettles to take outdoors is whether it's suitable for direct heating. 

This Takahiro kettle ticks the checklist and is beautifully designed to upgrade your pour over experience. Looking back at the photos myself, it sure does add a touch of elegance to the scene!

If you're after a more casual and practical kettle, then I recommend Hario Drip Kettle Air. Boil hot water with a separate utensil and pour water into the kettle. It's light and durable, and you don't even need a scale as it has markings in milliliters. 

Lastly, pour in freshly brewed coffee into a tumbler (in my case,  Kurasu Stainless Travel Tumbler) and enjoy! 

Tips for Brewing Delicious Coffee Outdoors

I don't take a scale with me when I go outdoors, so I never follow a precise recipe. I want to enjoy the nice view and the fresh air, so I'm more laidback with how I brew coffee. 

Here are some tips to brew good coffee with minimal preparation. 

1. Weigh coffee beans at home, grind them outdoors. 

To save yourself from carrying a scale, I suggest weighing your coffee before you leave your house. This way, all you have to do is grind them on the spot. Find out more on amount of coffee to use and flavours/aroma from Reika's blog posts. 

2. Prepare required amount of water at home

Same with coffee beans, measure the exact amount of water you need on the day and put it in a water bottle. If you plan to source water locally, then check the capacity of your kettle or tumbler. It would help you adjust the amount of hot water you use. 

Just these two preps would enable you to brew delicious coffee outdoors at ease. 


There are so many great bakeries in Kyoto, and I love pairing freshly baked bread with coffee! I hope you will have the chance to explore Kyoto to find your ultimate outdoor coffee and bread combo. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your coffee!