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Limited edition: Wire netting meets coffee brewing

Wire netting technique has been applied to tea strainers and grill meshes, and now coffee drippers. Tujiwa Kanaami was established in 1933, and their studio is situated within a close walking distance from Kurasu Ebisugawa. We naturally became intrigued with their beautiful wire mesh products and decided to bring their coffee dripper to our line-up. 

The entire dripper, including the grip, is carefully woven by hand. The meticulous attention to every detail assures not only its beauty but also durability. 

The wire mesh dripper is available in copper and stainless steel, and they both come in two sizes: 1 cup and 2-4 cups. 

Stainless steel maintains its original beautiful appearance throughout its lifetime, while copper develops unique depth in colour overtime. The shine of new copper tones down to a mature look. 

Simply place Hario V60 or any other conical paper filter inside the mesh dripper, and you're ready to start brewing. Our impression is that the flow rate is rather slow and consistent, and you will get a mellow and sweet coffee. 

We had a chance to visit their studio and witnessed skilled craftsman making each dripper by hand. He was swift yet precise, making use of various unique equipment such as wooden pliers. 

Kyoto wire netting technique applied to coffee drippers. Each dripper is handmade with tremendous time and effort, so don't miss your chance to get one for yourself and your loved ones.