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TORCH Donut Dripper Brewing Guide: How we do it at Kurasu

TORCH mountain dripper is designed to extract light roasted coffee.
Did you know there is another dripper from Torch that is born to brew a perfect cup of medium to dark roasted coffee?

It is TORCH donut dripper.

The representative of Torch — Nakabayashi-san, developed donut dripper to meet his own expectation of perfect extraction.

The drippers slim, stylish form allows the coffee to be perfectly layered and shaped to extract the best possible flavor. The finely-crafted, porcelain dripper features special internal ribs which guide the flow of water through the coffee grains. The large outlet hole ensures the optimum rate of flow for consistently smooth, full-flavored, fresh-tasting coffee.

Compared to a mountain dripper, a slightly thinner and deeper shape forms a thicker layer of coffee powder wallhighlighting the smoothness, body, sweetness of medium to dark roasted coffee.

The third-wave coffee culture is inspired by Kissaten”(Japanese-style coffee shop)

Kurasu wants to share the Japanese coffee experience with the world. Thats why we roasted our own interpretation of medium-dark roast coffee, which is long been popular in Kissaten,Kurasu House Blend Dark.

Which dripper will complement the sweetness and umami of medium-dark roasted the most? TORCH donut dripper came up right to our mind.

Here is the recipe our head-roaster Kosuke and barista Tsubasa suggest.

Dripper: TORCH donut dripper
Coffee: Kurasu House Blend Dark 18-19g (coarsely ground)
Hot water: 200g, 88 ℃

1) Within the first 40 seconds, pour 36g of water, let it bloom.
*Pour water gently to avoid drip down over 10 seconds.

2) After the first 40 seconds, pour 64g of water within 20 seconds. At this time, try not to move the tip, pour it at the same spot.

3) At 1 minute and 10 seconds, pour 50g of water within 10-13 seconds.
*Pour from inside to outside, and then from outside to inside, rhythmically.

4) At 1 minute 30 seconds, Pour 50g of water. Just like the third throw.

Brewing time: 2 minutes 20-30 seconds
Produces amount: around 165g

0sec ~ 36g
40sec ~ 100g
70sec ~ 150g
90sec ~ 200g

For the paper filter, we use fan-shaped paper filter.

We recommend Kalita "103" and Melitta "1x4" size, but for a smaller portions, you can choose Kalita "102" or Melitta "1x2" size.

Using the bottom line as a reference, fold it slightly toward the line on the side as shown in the photo.

Turn over and fold backside , to make the bottom length 4 cm.

The reason that the temperature of the hot water is lower than that in the recipe of light roasted coffee is to bring out the sweetness.
Give it a try!

Check here for mountain dripper recipe, which is for drinking light roasted coffee.