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Free Drip Bag for Online Purchase! Stay Healthy and Brew at Home ❤️

(Campaign Ends )

Sun will continue to rise.
Kurasu is really appreciated for all the support you shown in this tough time.

We will include one free drip bag with any purchase online.⁠

⁠We want to do what we can for so many affected around the globe. Order anything on our online store from now till supplies last, (we are thinking at least one month) we will include one random drip bag in your package as a gift from us to have at least some moment of comfort in your home. ⁠Sorry, this does not include subscription orders.

The drip bag will be either one of our Honduras, Kenya, or House Blend Dark, and our staff/ baristas have all written a short message for you. ⁠

In terms of logistics, we have stopped shipments to mainland China. There have been delays, but so far most of our shipments have any other destination countries. Will keep everyone posted.⁠

⁠Lets stay healthy and positive.
With love from Kurasu❤️