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Matcha OKUMIDORI (No Sugar(Original))

Our signature, ceremonial grade single origin matcha green tea made in collaboration with YUGEN.

1kg Bag comes with previous package.

Out of stock: Long term out of stock until around September to wait for the next harvest.

High quality, single origin, single variety green tea for an affordable price.
Treat your guests, customers and yourself to this well balanced, rich in flavor and vibrant green color of this OKUMIDORI.

OKUMIDORI is mild and light, making it a perfect match for milk and sugar compatible with a wider taste palates and variety of recipes. 

The packaging has been renewed since April, but the ingredients and contents remain unchanged.

This product DOES NOT contain Sugar.
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 *We are transitioning our package to our new design- please kindly note that 1 kg package may still arrive in our previous design.

Weight: 50g


1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

*If the product is sold out and you would like to place your order immediately, please email hello@kurasu.kyoto with the required product name and quantity.

Syrup Recipe: 

What you need: 

Matcha without sugar syrup ratio: 

Matcha powder : Hot water = 1 : 8

OKUMIDORI with sugar syrup ratio:

Matcha powder : Sugar/honey/agave syrup : Hot water =
1 : 2 : 8

Checkout our Matcha and Hojicha Recipe.

What you need: 

  • Matcha or hojicha syrup
  • Milk
  • (Ice cubes)

Hot Matcha latte: 

  • 150g steamed milk
  • 20g (to 35g) matcha syrup

Iced Matcha latte: 

  • 155g milk
  • 25g (to 40g) matcha syrup
  • 90 to 100g whole ice cubes

About Kurasu Tea by Yugen

Kurasu Tea by Yugen is a Kyoto-based collaborative brand between Kurasu, a specialty coffee shop, and Yugen, a Japanese tea expert, established to offer a quality "tea time" experience with a celebrated selection of authentic Japanese green tea.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Great matcha

Very tasty matcha. The perfect balance between astringency and earthiness flavours.
The delivery was excellent

Anna S.

Wort every cent! Love it so so much. Thank you for the fast delivery!!!


Makes really nice matcha lattes and matcha frapes! Really easy to make a syrup base (20g water + 20g Matcha powder) and then make your matcha drink of choice from there - love this product and a great balance

Perfectly sweetened

The option with sugar is not overly sweet. It's perfectly balanced, similar to the matcha at their coffee shop. Highly recommend.

Okumidori - Great!

Good quality matcha, arrived prompty