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Hario Double Stainless Dripper Tetsu Kasuya Model

Created by the World Brewers Cup 2016 winner Tetsu Kasuya Model Series in collaboration with HARIO. This durable, hygienic and sustainable SUS304 stainless steel dripper achieves the sophistication of cloth filter brew. It really is a dream come true for busy, modern-day coffee connoisseurs.  

This double stainless dripper was designed to take the upsides of the cloth filter brew  while maintaining the benefits of metal filter. The shape resembles that of flannel filter to maximize the coffee-water contact time. The double layered filter catches micro powder, but the carefully positioned holes won't inhibit the smooth water flow. You will get a rich, mild yet clear cup just like the cup brewed with a flannel filter.


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Product Details

Size: W120 × D100 × H100mm, Φ90mm (4 cups)
Material:Stainless steel (SUS304)
Weight: -
Recommended Filter: -

Made in China

*Server used in the images are theHario V60 Coffee Server.

See product manual for handling tips.

About Hario

The name Hario originated from the combination of the Japanese word hari (玻璃) or glass and o (王) or king, combined formed the meaning the King of Glass. A brand with more than 100 years of experience under it's belt started in 1921 as a laboratory glassware seller and manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. Using their heatproof glassware and glass processing techniques, Hario started creating coffee siphons in 1948. Later on they expanded to creating their well loved home products from other materials. They are now a household name among coffee brewing enthusiasts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Honestly it’s actually pretty good of a filter, although it leads to extraction of more of the oils when brewing, it’s very convenient and cleanup is very easy.

Marc-Alexandre N.
A tasty cup of coffee

I had difficulties at first to successfully brew with it and then , I've start using a wdt tool before brewing and the result was good and reprocible

Excellant Coffee

II made a very good, smooth cup of coffee using Tetsu's dripper. It was my first time using a stainless steel dripper that produced a clean cup and nice tasting notes of the coffee. I used the Osmotic flow method with a medium-dark roasted coffee.

Evan S.
Great once you get the hang of it

The brewer brews by beverage weight, so that takes a little getting used to. Once you do, the coffee is superb and provides something not unlike an aero press if you mixed that a little with v60.

Beautiful and functional

It's very environmentally good and it's convenient because you don't even need rinsing time. The time to be extracted is also very properly distributed, allowing delicious extraction.