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Pour, spin, and wait. Super easy iced coffee recipe by Risa!

Hi everyone, it's Risa writing to you today. 

We're right in middle of summer here in Kyoto, and the heat and humidity is taking a toll on me.

That's why today I'm sharing my special iced coffee recipe to combat the heat! It's super easy so please give it a try and I hope this recipe will be a new addition to your home-brew routine!

Things you need:

- AeroPress
- Server (TORCH Pitchii Server)
- 300g of room temperature water
- 5 ice cubes (Approx. 110g)
- 30g of coffee (coarse grind: Comandante 35 clicks)
I used Ecuador Arnaud Causse Red Caturra!

No need for boiling water nor a plunger! You can give this recipe a go even in the busiest morning hours. 

"Let's Brew!"

1. Set AeroPress for standard method. Add 30g of ground coffee into the chamber. 

2. Add 100g of water. 

3. Twist and spin the AeroPress on the server, and wait 4 minutes. 
(The spinning acts as agitation)

4. Add another 100g of water, spin and wait 5 minutes. 

5. Add the last 100g of water, spin and wait for 10 minutes. 

Recommended finish time: 20 minutes in total. If you spend longer, you may find astringency in the finished coffee. In this case, please try adjusting the grind size. 

Please adjust the taste of coffee with the amount of ice cubes. 


How was it? 

All you have to do is pour in water, twist, and wait! You can easily brew a syrupy sweet coffee no matter how busy you are. 

Let me know your thoughts on the recipe - would love to hear from you!

Happy home-brews everyone!