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Meet Kurasu Partner: Hikari Life🇦🇺

We’re happy to be partnering with Hikari Life who serve our specialty coffee and authentic tea in Melbourne, Australia. Let us share their story with you.

Settled in the heart of Melbourne, you will find yourself transported to Japan the moment you walk into their beautiful and cozy Japanese-inspired coffee shop. Hikari Life serves quality drinks ranging from specialty coffee to tea lattes and seasonal yuzu spritz, offering something for everyone walking by Swanston Street. Don’t forget to check out their neatly organised shelves of Japanese interior, too!

 Derek, the founder of Hikari Life, encountered Japanese specialty coffee culture and Kurasu during his business trips to Japan several years ago. With his deep understanding and love for Japanese culture and specialty coffee, he launched Hikari Life in one of the busiest areas of Melbourne.

The cafe features quality coffee and tableware directly imported from Japan. Already gaining much attention and support from local customers since its opening in November last year, Hikari Life strives to serve Melbourne with a taste of Japan and we’re happy to be able to work with this amazing team. 

When it comes serving the better coffee, Melbourne shares a lot in common with Japan. Though limited by distance, our passion for bringing and sharing the best of Japanese coffee is not limited. And we hope everything we serve here would remind you of the taste of Japan.

Their signature matcha and hojicha lattes are made using tea from Kurasu. Our single-origin Okumidori matcha is fragrant yet gently mild, which makes it a perfect match for milk and sugar. The choice of hojicha, roasted green tea, adds an extra touch of uniqueness to the menu. 

 Of course, their pour-overs brewed with ORIGAMI dripperis a must-try. You will find a rotating line-up of single-origin coffee from Kurasu and also from other leading coffee roasters in Japan. We’re grateful for Derek and his team to serve Japanese specialty coffee in the city of coffee-lovers and we can’t wait to visit their shop hopefully soon! 

To our Australian friends, you guys get to check out their coffee shop faster than the rest of the world in this current situation  - we’re so jealous! Check out the menu and location, and make sure to drop by when you’re around!

317 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000
Monday-Friday, 08:30-16:00 and Saturday-Sunday, 09:00-17:00

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