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Kurasu Coffee Drip Bag Recipe

The perfect thing to carry with you when you're on the go. At the office, on a business trip, or while on a hike, our drip bag has got you covered. Brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee wherever you are.  

What you need: 

  • Kurasu Coffee Drip bag
  • Mug
  • Kettle
  • Hot water

Drip Bag Recipe: (Ratio 1:15) 

  • Kurasu Coffee Drip bag: 12g of coffee inside
  • Hot water: 180g 

Step by step: 

  • Pour hot water to wet the coffee grind, and let it bloom for 30 seconds (If you have a scale, Pour: 30g of water).
  • Pour the water slowly and evenly to the top (Approx.: 80g).
  • Once the water level goes down to 1/3 from the bottom, pour the rest (Approx.: 70g, Total: 180g).
  • Let it all drip, then remove the drip bag and serve.
  • Finish the process in approximately 2 minutes. 


  1. For taller mugs: pour on 3 intervals.
  2. For shorter mugs: pour on 4 intervals. 
  3. Allow it to bloom properly to extract the sweetness and flavors from the coffee grounds.