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Green Spring Resolutions: Essentials to Start Your Matcha Green Tea Journey at Home

Very few things are more refreshing and invigorating than a gentle breeze of  Spring.

Spring calls for new lives to flourish, and perhaps a new hobby too?

Here are some essentials to start enjoying an authentic matcha green tea at home.

Rich Sweetness and Full of Umami in Bitterness

Kurasu's Classic: Single Origin Matcha OKUMIDORI

Our signature, single origin Uji matcha green tea made in collaboration with YUGEN, a Kyoto-based Japanese tea brand. We use OKUMIDORI for all of our matcha drink served at Kurasu.

OKUMIDORI is mild and light, yet has a rich umami and bitterness, making it a perfect match for milk and sugar compatible with a wider taste palates and variety of recipes.

Treat your guests, customers and yourself to this well balanced, rich in flavor and vibrant green color of this OKUMIDORI.

For home use, we recommend OKUMIDORI with sugar- no lumps, fast dissolving and pre-sweetened powder makes it a perfect pick for those who are new to matcha preparation. (Also available without sugar.)

Available from 50g~


A Blend Designed for Perfect Balance: SUI

SUI blend is a blend of matcha powder designed to be a perfect pick for tea ceremony's use for its well balanced Umami and bitterness.

The hint of mild bitterness in rich umami gives you the full experience of matcha green tea.
If you love the almost savory umami bitterness of green tea, this is the one to pick.
Available from 50g~


"There should be at least one matcha bowl for each household"  -Anonymous

Matcha/Tea Original Lipped Bowl [ Kurasu x TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio ]

Our original Lipped matcha bowl created in collaboration with TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio from Yamashina, Kyoto is soothing to see, mellow to touch, and easy to use. The bowl embodies the unique harmony of the craftsmanship and the minimalist aesthetics.


The small lip spout creates a smooth pouring experience for your morning matcha, or for any use- like serving the salad dressing for dinner.

Capacity: 400ml (perfect for 1-2 cups of matcha)


ORIGAMI Lipped Matcha Bowl

This matcha bowl made by the famous ORIGAMI brand is perfectly sized, and holds 1-2 servings of matcha green tea. 

Made with a newly invented ceramic, combined with the matte, soft colored glazing, ORIGAMI have created a product that has both the industrial grade sturdiness and the warmth of a pottery.

The traditional look serves just perfect for a little tea ceremony at home, and you will soon find that the bowl is a lovely addition to your table in any occasion. 


 Easy Matcha Recipe (serves: 2)

Matcha powder: 4g
Hot water: 120ml (about 80)
1. Shift 4g of matcha powder into a matcha bowl.
2. Pour 120ml of hot water (80℃) into the bowl.
3. Using Chasen, whisk the liquid quickly but gently. (Flick your wrist and try moving it as if drawing an "M" in the bowl.)
4. Serve and enjoy! 


 Admire the Craft of Centuries Old

Chasen (Tea whisk)

 A bamboo tea whisk carefully crafted in Nara, Japan with 500 years old traditional techniques. 

Each whisk is made from one piece of bamboo, with a fascinating method of splitting the bamboo along its grain/fiber- the durable and flexible, brush-like tip aerates the liquid as you whisk, creating a fine, silky smooth matcha. 

It is said that there are only about 15 chasen craftsmen in Japan today- among those, Takayama chasen is crafted by extremely skillful hands, making it an long-lasting, excellent tool trusted by many.

 What's Kurotake (Smoked bamboo)?

Kurotake, or Susutake (Black bamboo/Smoked bamboo) is a material taken from the attics and ceilings of traditional thatched roof houses. Slowly smoked for over 100 years above the hearth, Kurotake is known for its deep, beautiful, natural brown color.

Over the years, the number of houses that meet these conditions has been decreasing, making this popular material scarcer and scarcer.

Get matcha powder, whisk and a bowl, and you are all ready to begin your matcha journey at home!
Making a matcha tea is actually a lot simpler and easier than some may imagine (mastering the skill may be another story, but that's what it makes a worthy hobby).  

If you like the authentic bitterness of matcha green tea, try it out this spring and enjoy the taste of Kyoto!