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CAFEC Conical Paper Filter: Tailored for 3 Roasting Levels

Tailor made paper filter designed to achieve the best brew for different roasting levels. 

Cafec paper filter has a textured surface of both sides. Sanyo Sangyo dries the paper filter in the air blasting with hot air from each sides, keeping the fiber and mesh free from getting ironed flat. This holds a good amount of air between the paper and the dripper, and achieves a wonderful water flow, dripping a very clean cup.

For this series, they went even further- they adjusted how they apply the surface texture called "crepe" to create 3 different kinds of water flow, designed to achieve the best brew out of 3 different roasting levels: light, medium/medium-dark and dark roast.


Title: Light Roast 1 cup

Product Details

For Light Roast "T-92"
Achieves a fruity, aromatic, and clean cup.
Works best with 92℃ of hot water.

There is no crepe on the inside, and the surface area is smaller compared to the other two. The filter catches micro powder with less amount of space, gently blocking and holding the water flow to extend the contact time, extracting as much aroma as possible. Once the extracted liquid filtered through, the crepe on the outside lets it flow smoothly. The high efficiency in catching the micro powder on the inside of the filter makes a very clean cup.

For Medium/Medium-dark Roast "T-90"
Achieves a rich, well-balanced and fragrant cup.
Works best with 90℃ of hot water.

Crepe With the crepe on both sides, it allows a speedy brew. Thanks to the crape, the surface texture catches the micro powder while maintaining enough surface area free from micro powder that lets the water through until the end. Works best with 90℃ of hot water, to make the most out of medium/medium-dark roast

For Dark Roast "T-83"
Maximises the body and mellow richness of dark roast.
Works best with 83℃ of hot water.

This one also has crepe on both sides, but the height of the ridges are set low. The surface area is larger than one-sided crepe paper, therefor it catches micro powder with bigger area. For the first half of the brewing process the filter has less micro powder caught on the surface, and allows smooth and speedy water flow. As the micro powder start to accumulate, it holds the water flow and gives the brewing speed a perfect rhythm to extract the maximum sweetness and thick body.

For Light Roast "T-92"
Size:thickness 0.15 mm
Recommended Dripper: -
Features:Density (high) and paper structure (one-sided crepe: outside)

For Medium/Medium-dark Roast "T-90"
Size: thickness 0.28 mm
Recommended Dripper:-
Features: Density (low) and paper structure (two-sided crepe)

For Dark Roast "T-83"
Size:thickness 0.22 mm
Recommended Dripper: Hario V60 and other cone shaped dripper.
Features:Density (medium) and paper structure (two-sided crepe: smaller crepe)

Contains 100 sheets.


Launched in 2016, CAFEC is a name under Sanyo Sangyo that produces coffee brewing equipments centering around the paper filter. They are considered as pioneers in the paper filter manufacturing industry. All CAFEC goods are designed based on their extensive knowledge on roasting and brewing theory. CAFEC as a brand would like to spread the message "Happiest smile by coffee!" through their product in hopes that everyone can enjoy delicious home brewed coffee with friends and family.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect filter for Kono dripper

Itai a.
Slow flow - bright cup

These are really slow, so water contact the coffee for longer time, this why I found its better to use recommend temp (92c).
As far as taste, I enjoy the result - clean and bright.
I recommend watching cafec video about how to brew with these for best results.

juan m.
The best filters

Amazing!! these filters helped us bring out the attributes of well-roasted coffees

dodong p.
Balanced Flavor

Perfect for any roast levels!