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Perfect Grinder for Traveling

This grinder is compact, light, and very suitable for traveling. It also gives good consistency result. Kurasu team is very helpful and they provide very good shopping experience! Will definitely shop here for my coffee needs. Thanks!

Perfect match for the turquoise dripper, lovely combo.

the turquoise dripper is just as beautiful as expected, beautifully made and happily using it ever since.

totally satisfied with this product, as it is obvious: it is elegant, minimalistic design, and perfect for serving.

Great filters, and the only option

The filters work great for the Kalita Wave. It is unfortunately a proprietary design so you are forced to buy these filters, but they're high quality so leaves little to complain about.

Simpe and elegant, outputs quality coffee with little attention needed.

Love the flat bottom design of the dripper and nice simple looking design. It produces a great, deep flavor without needing high skill or attention like the Hario V60 counterpart.

Kalita Wave (Sandstone)

So pleased with the Kalita dropper (sandstone) and the delivery was great!!!

Best Filters

These KONO Filters are my favorite and not easy to find at a reasonable price. I use them with my Hario v60 and Origami drippers. Thanks Kurasu!

Solid attractive product

I have the silver model. The manufacturing quality seems quite solid, it looks attractive, and is enjoyable to pour. Some comments mention the small size, but it was exactly the size I expected: it's right for making a single cup of pour-over coffee. When you want another cup you can just refill this pot from your kettle. The shipping was quicker than expected to Hong Kong.

Im still in love :))

Your products is amaizing and warm.. ;) Greethings from Lithuania.

River Grinder

The grinder is smooth and efficient. Very satisfied with this purchase.

A solid versatile dripper

I've been using this dripper for about 2 weeks now. I own 11 other drippers from kalita waves to various configurations of v60s. What is noticeable about this dripper is that it does not absorb heat from the slurry as much as other ceramic drippers. I have made some delicious cups with this dripper using kalita 185 paper. If I had one critique is that I wish the holder held the dripper better in place since I want to make sure that the dripper sits level as I pour. That just might be my next project to design a holder for the dripper.


It’s a great alternative to the Kalita, especially if you would like the option to use the V60 papers!


Beautiful and makes a great cup of coffee. Currently my favourite dripper!

great coffee

i am new to hand drip at home, so far i like all the beans

Good coffee

Coffee comes with detailed instruction. So far I've received 6 in total. They are all good.

Very special and different flavor

This dripper is different in looks and the coffe it made. The ceramic looks high end and feels good. I can use Kalita 103 filter paper and Hario V60 filter paper. The flowrate is fast and produce very clean and aromatic coffee. It is different remarkbly, compred to other common driipers.

Overall, it’s a dripper worthy to own it.


I love the espresso beans, it has very unique personality and taste to it, appreciate the barista for sharing the espresso recipe. Definitely trying out other beans soon!


It’s my new favorite go-to bag


Great product


Beautiful cup! Bought two so that I could share one with guests. One is grey and one is yellow:) They are visibly hand-made and unique.

Very nice dripper

This dripper had very pretty nice design. It make me feel relax when I use it and it make bright coffee.

great material

This paper filter make my great day with a cup of coffee.

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