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    It is a dream dripper

    Really nice. I only do pour over and this surpasses the Hario dripper. Lovely design.

    Lovely Dripper!

    Love the design and simplicity of this filter. It works better with the Kalita Wave filter, producing some lovely flavour. Recommend getting one :)

    A must have dripper!

    Kalita Hasami gives you a well balanced coffee with an extra hint of acidity (thanks to its sharpen ribs). The product gives great aesthetic pleasure!

    Torch filter wooden base

    Great communication and service!! We love the torch filter but our previous base unfortunately got submerged in water and warped and we needed a new one. We wrote to our friends at Kurasu on Instagram and immediately got a response —they ordered a new wooden base especially for us and sent it promptly. The new wooden base is even more beautiful than the last. Thanks kurasu!

    A Beautiful Kettle

    It’s perfect for a small cup of coffee just for you. Love it!

    So far so good

    It's the only carafe we use anymore. Exceptional product

    Lovely little server

    Been using this little server for months now it works lovely. Elegant and pours clean :)

    Natural! Nicely! And so simple!

    Really natural goods for my coffee!

    Easy to carry

    If you take it on a trip, it does not require much space at all

    best servers

    a good server for making manual coffee


    thank you Kurasu for this, I can try coffee from coffee shops in Japan

    Very good

    The keychain is very beautiful and priyany to the touch. It's a nice weight, it weighs 20 grams. Cutest thing. Recommend to all.

    good and beautiful art of dripper

    So much fun brewing with Origami dripper. i am planning to order it again with different color and size.

    complete my day!

    joined the first time. i can barely smell the beans even it still inside the package. used it for V60, manual grind it and brew it using Origami dripper. result? very nice balance.

    A coffee maker with heart

    I love to have a hand drip coffee in the morning and I love this aroma and taste of the original coffee bean.

    I loved it

    I really liked it. The material, the color, and the design are gorgeous. It's very versatil and fun to use.

    Great print but make sure to upsize (US)

    The fabric is soft and feels like quality. The print is phenomenal and high-quality. As a warning, however, if you're in the US, make sure you go one size up. I'm a Medium in the US and I bought a Large and it fit perfectly. Had I purchased a Medium, it probably would not have fit.

    helping hand drip coffee beginer

    unique handle position was perfectly helping water control even coffee beginer , it's not too much difference function between beginr or professional. it's not only "fancy" also good performance

    It can made Bright & clear coffee!!!

    I love taste note of coffee when use this Dripper. It’s very bright and clear.

    Most Versatile Dripper

    So impressed with kurasu's delivery and this origami dripper quality. It is very versatile, can be use with cone shape filter paper as well as kalita wave filter paper. The thing that distinguish kalita wave dripper and this is the much faster and controllable flow rate that the origami dripper provided. So happy for the purchase!

    I love the black

    Perfectly matches my setup. It brings me joy every time I use it!

    Excellent Glass Server

    Was in search for a simple clean looking server/carafe for pour over coffee making. Stumbled upon this and am glad I made the purchase. Looks just like the photos and is a great addition to a coffee making set. Only con is that I wish the lid came with the server instead of having to purchase one separately.

    Superb Quality and Service

    Speedy delivery - unbelievably fast. Product packaged well. Excellent quality and looks beautiful. The wooden handle is delicate and and adds a beautiful contrast to the glass.

    So good

    Very useful Dripper that create a large range of different brewing method!