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Looks amazing and works good

simply and very nice design

good design and dimension.

I love the double walled glass mugs, which I use for coffee and tea. I also like to change to the porcelain mugs I ordered from you in all three colors which are so beautiful and I leave them out on the counter to enjoy. Coffee and tea tastes better in these mugs. I am happy I ordered them.

Lovely design and precise pour

The Miyaco is very small (holds 300ml), suiting it just right for brewing 15-20g of coffee for one. Its small size and thin spout give it unmatched precision -- it is very easy to pour straight down or even drip into the brew. Perfect for low-agitation brewing styles!
The design is stunning and quite well-crafted. The wood knobs feel great to touch, and pouring at a right angle feels surprisingly natural and easy. Overall this guy is an absolute joy to brew with.

Tried it with french press

Nice fragrance, smooth and slight fruity sweetness

My most treasured dripper

The Mountain really is a lovely piece of craftsmanship, and produces consistently good cups.
Small details in the paint coating and the shape of the upper cone give it so much character as a hand-made brewer. It really feels like it was made with so much care.
If you enjoy slow coffee, this dripper is highly recommended -- makes the brewing process even more enjoyable. :)
Thanks Kurasu for introducing this beautiful coffee brewer to us!

Cute and functional

Really like this one. It's a pretty cool way to carry my Kalita Wave 155 with filters inside. I thought it was smaller, but it's the right size for keeping the filters safe. Nice service overall.


I'm very pleased with the build quality and consistent grind I get using this. I use a coarse setting for French press and it is great. It takes approximately 30 seconds to grind beans for a single serving of coffee which I do while the water is heating up. Highly recommended!

The best Japanese coffee without leaving home

Such amazing flavours and I'm really fond of the roaster stories. Hands down my favorite subscription!

Excellent product, beyond amazing service! Thanks!

The tumbler is very well-constructed and looks beautiful in its simplicity. Feels like a piece of art when you hold it. It also really keeps your coffee warm, and it's so easy to clean with the big opening (once you unscrew everything). The crew at Kurasu really went out of the way to ensure I was satisfied with the product ordered. Thank you!

Love it!

It's beautiful, and easy to clean.

Beautiful, Simple, Practically Perfect

Yeah, Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper is beautifully crafted. The wood grain, its elegant curves -- always a conversation starter. This is a simple, durable addition to any coffee making set-up. It can be used a variety of different ways, and only adds to the perfection in your craft.

I wanted one of these beauties ever since I came across Kurasu a couple years back, and I'm so, so happy to use it every day!


This item is exactly what I wanted and makes a great cup of coffee. Kurasu is a great company that had really good communication and fast delivery for an item sent to the US.

Simple & Practical

Meets every needs of a compact & basic grinder! Easy to use, dismantle and clean! The way how the burr coarseness is adjusted is user friendly as well. Recommended!

Brews a rich cup, beautiful design

Thank you for sending my Kinto carafe set safely! Was initially worried about shipping glass, but the package was well-packed.

Really love the smooth but rich taste that the stainless filter brews, as it allowed more of the natural coffee oils to seep into the cup.

It's also a very well-designed piece of art, love just looking at the coffee slowly dripping through. Thank you Kurasu!

Favourite tumbler

Love this coffee cup! It’s a perfect size and reminds me of Kyoto :)

Very aesthetic but simple to use coffee dripper

Doesn’t need any manual to use. Just pour your fave coffee and let it do its magic. I use Hario V60 filter for this. Just be careful to wipe immediately any wetness and coffee stain on the wooden base to preserve its quality and beauty. Quite pricey but if you’re like me who depends on it every day, then it’s worth it. Color is pretty and nice too!

Sleek, chic and serves the purpose

Shipping was considerably fast and items were well-packaged. The tumbler itself seems to be made of durable materials, and the outer coating somehow protects it from easy scratches. Keeps the temp low for hot coffee and is just the perfect size for me, unless of course you’re a Venti person. Sleek and chic-looking as well.


I didn't get the best when I cupped or brewed with V60. But when I made this coffee in a French press with James Hoffmann's method and took a first sip, I said out loud, Wow, pineapple and graham crackers!

Delicious! Thank you!

Absolutely beautiful

Cooper is one of my favourite metal. The Karita wave with copper finished is the perfect combination. I am absolutely loving it.

Cute and Beautiful

It is great :) Precise pour, and hold just enough for a good cuppa.

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