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    Quick and Easy

    Simple, Fast and on the go!

    Love it so much I am using it at home!

    This tumbler is both substance and form, and a joy to use! Design ensures you don’t get a nasty burning spill when you drink it in a moving vehicle. I had to “label” my tumbler cos I bought it for several friends as Christmas gifts!

    daily driver!

    Love this dripper. It's the best of both words in one! (infusion + percolation)

    Fast delivery and great service

    Nothing else needs to be said. Great to deal with Kurasu that I don't mind paying for shipping to the US for certain items available only in Japan.
    Thank you!

    Great dripper

    It was great to deal with the Kurasu staff. Hassle-free transaction and fast shipping to the US. Good dripper to use.

    ORIGAMI Dripper M
    Justin T.
    Origami Dripper

    Been using the V60 for brewing and decided to get the Origami into my collection. Find myself having more clarity and sweetness coming through from the Origami than the V60 when using the same grind size coffee. A good addition to the collection!

    Awesome Tea Mug

    I was looking for something special. I love this minimal beautiful mug. Feels like a piece of art. I feel honored to use it every day.

    High quality

    Fantastic looking dripper makes great coffee. I really like it.

    ORIGAMI Dripper S
    Michael W.
    Brilliant dripper

    I’ve got one before, sadly I broke it accidentally. It’s so good so I’ve got to get another one

    My Daily Brewer

    This dripper has since become my daily driver since it arrived! Love it. Aside from it always makes a good cup, brewing feels extra special with it looking like a piece of art.

    Great dripper and..

    I like this brewer and it's perfect for 6:4 method by Kasuya.. 4 stars for brewer but 5 stars for Kurasu "after sales service"

    Kalita 155 Tsubame-shi Stainless Steel

    Arrived from Japan to Florida USA in just five days! Compares to my Kurasu Copper Kalita I like the Stainless better because it doesn’t absorb as much heat as the Copper, but I love them both, and Kurasu is the best! Highly recommend the hand made Tsubame Kalita’s and Kurasu!

    Excellent roast

    Low how the flavours comes out.

    Eco friendly

    This is really great for my bathroom. Now I put my coffee residue in the pot and change it everyday. The smell of coffee is still strong and stays good for the toilet. Easy to use and eco friendly. A great item to purchase.

    3r time order

    Our whole family is so addicted to this dark roast! We will order it again very soon!


    As I've used this cup I can see the craze slowly getting darker. There's just something interesting about having a cup that improves with time.


    Beautiful dripper that came as an order with 2 x Origami drippers. The package arrived to the UK within a week of ordering with no issues what so ever.
    All pieces are amazing, especially the Kalita with it being handmade from sandstone. Definitely one of my trophy pieces on my coffee bar. Thank you so much for the great service!


    Beautiful piece of equipment. It's a perfect size for 1 cup pour over. I am liking the matted color finish so I will be ordering again.

    Travel back to Japan with Kurasu.

    I cannot wait to go back to Japan. I love their coffe culture. The kurasu dark blend is delicious. Perfect way to start the day. Shipping is fast and I can tell the beans are freshly roasted. Will definitely order again!

    Incredible taste

    This coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, the depth of flavour is astonishing, I’ll be buying more!

    Everything as expected

    The items have been packed carefully even though there was nothing that could break and that was very nice. The filters are in great condition and the coffee beans are wonderful, I especially recommend the natural Brazil - a true delight. The communication was also very pleasant 💛

    Excellent product

    Great value, great product!

    Excellent product

    Great value, great product!

    Excellent product

    Great value, great product!