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So special!

Love the very delicate and wonderful coffees from Japan! It’s a joy to open the package and read about the roaster each month. The coffee will not disappoint! So delicious!

Ethiopia Arsosala

Love the clean roast


This was purchased as a gift, and I couldn’t have been more impressed! It was delivered to me in Canada quickly, and the quality of the product is top notch! I’ll for sure order one for myself in the future.

Best small kettle

Отличный компактный чайник на 300 мл.


Sleek and simple but feels sturdy. Definitely worth it if your first starting out or like me I use it in the office.

These are aesthetically perfect and are one vital portion of creating an incredible cup of coffee. Definitely my favorite brew method for body, sweetness, and enhanced roundness in the cup.

Perfect size!

One of my favorite cup. Perfect for a cortado. Love the ceramic texture. Keep coffee hot.

Fresh beans!

Love the taste and the freshness of the beans.

Torch mountain dripper

Love the dripper. Really enjoy it every morning.

Great for a gift

Nice shirt love the design

Delightful as pour over

This was a gift for my partner who was kind enough to part with the odd cup whenever a pot of coffee was made. To be deemed a house blend I assumed that the coffee would be very drinkable, and of course it was. However, instead of being a forgettable cup of coffee, it was actually delightfully complex where the described notes were, well noticeable. The first mouthful led me to think that the coffee would be too acidic and leave a sour aftertaste, but that dissipates quite quickly and finishes quite nice. I am not the coffee person in this house, but my partner who travels to Kyoto every year has said they are definitely stopping by the shop to stock up.


It's amazing to be able to taste different freshly roasted coffee from Japan every month!! Love it!!

Love it

Bought one and I lovee it! Easy to use and clean.. deliveres great tasting coffee every time.

Impressive program

Unique varied selections of delicious artisan coffee perfectly roasted. Ive never been to Japan or had Japanese roasted coffee before so this is a real treat every month.

coffee subscription

Different people like different coffee so it would be strange for me to give a review about the coffee itself which i have been receiving through my subscription.
That being said i am happy with the different coffees i have been receiving so far so no complains there :).
The one thing i could review is the way Kurasu is handling things and that is just great. They keep things personal and are very attentive and friendly.
I have no bad words for their way of business and hope to visit their place in person one day while being in Kyoto.

Great alternative to the Clever dripper

It combines the best of hario v60 and the immersion method favoured by Clever Dripper. With the cleaner tasting v60 paper, and the ease of use, it produces a clean cup of coffee, idiot-proof.
Good for accessing how a new coffee tastes like without worrying about adjusting the parameters to dial in if you use v60 brew.


Love the products and glad the Drip Coffee bags have come back in! Would be great to try different coffees too in the future! Great work!

Great product

Simple, clean. Bring morning coffee ceremony to the next level

As expected and couldnt be any more happier with my purchase

Definetly one of the better products out there

Function with fashion

A beautiful and highly effective dripper that extracts at the perfect flow. Fast shipping and top notch customer service!

Coffee subscription

I received my first roasts in the December batch. Both roasts were very nice and I liked the informational packet. I will continue to subscribe as I really enjoy the opportunity to try coffee from all over Japan.


Warm and charming little house


My new favourite piece

Wonderful Kettle and Fast Service

Wonderful Kettle and Fast Service

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