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Miyaco Tea Pot
Otomārs K.
Excellent teapot

Small, light, well designed, almost flawless laminar flow when pouring and just enough for serving two. Matt Black version looks and feels better than expected.

Highly Recommend this Coffee Subscription!

My husband and I really enjoy receiving this subscription each month in Seattle (U.S). We visited a Kurasu coffee shop while visiting Kyoto and were excited to sign up for their subscription when we returned home. The variety of origins they mail us always keeps our coffee interesting and the beans are top quality. We highly recommend this subscription to other coffee enthusiasts around the world!


I was looking for a matcha bowl that wasn't too big or small and with a spout. I am so glad I found this! For me it was the perfect size. It is great quality and the spout does the job. I look forward to using this everyday.

A beautiful product that produces delicious coffee. Highly recommend to all coffee lovers:)

I like it!!

Good balance between the sweetness and acidity. Nice aroma as well!!

Sips from "home"

We look forward to receiving our coffee every month because nowhere does coffee like Japan! It brings us so much joy to try the different beans. We just wish we lived close enough to buy more in person!

awesome product

A joy to use

These scoops are lightweight, beautiful and a joy to use. The small one fits perfectly inside Airscape canisters on top of the inner lid. The large one is suitable for deep and narrow coffee containers.

A delectable tea. It makes a perfect gift for a friend who loves matcha.

Amazing coffee!

A little pricy, but really yummy :) Loved all 3 coffees alot.

Favorite Mug

It's my favorite mug. Fits well in my hands. Deceptively holds a lot of liquid and the form and finish are beautiful. I wish kurasu carried all of the 39arita mug colors and 39arita's other offerings.

Best carafe/server I've used so far

The origami server really benefits from the hario production. High quality glass and the new shape really fixes the issue of the origami dripper's wobbliness.

Good variety

The subscription works great to have 4 different bags of beans each month perfect to start the month right!

Love the subscription plan

Great value and interesting combination of beans

Decaf coffee

I seldom to take decaf coffee as I like a bit strong coffee to keep me up during the day. However, I tried this one and found it’s just as good as normal coffee and the taste is good.

Loved it so much I had to go back and buy one for a friend!

Outstanding house blend

The house blend taste is so good and you can enjoy the good coffee in everyday without regret. I really like the floral taste and it’s really really good.



Simply great taste
Love it so much!

Perfect for an oat latte

It makes an amazing latte. I prepare it like a regular matcha latte, and couldn’t be happier. It has balanced flavours.

Great matcha

Very tasty matcha. The perfect balance between astringency and earthiness flavours.
The delivery was excellent

Perfect server

Just perfect for -1-2 cups


Wort every cent! Love it so so much. Thank you for the fast delivery!!!

Good Coffee

Kurasu does not disappoint.

This server is such a beautiful piece of art.

I ordered this the whole way from Australia. I was searching for a long time for something so nice. could not find anything close to home. I'll be starting my search for coffee accoutrements from Kurasu next time!