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Simply but function

It is very simply design but powerful. The function is very good and easy to use

Great filter

It's very great ! The coffee brewing was very bright and clean.

Love the dripper

This is my fist dripper. It is very easy to use and beautiful!
I enjoy having coffee with dripper on weekend:)

my first dripper

i enjoyed making my coffee everyday with this kalita sandstone dripper, it looks very nice and gives my great coffee

Cool shirt!

Lovely design and quality!

Makes great coffee

Not easy to get right but after many tries, it is becoming my favourite dripper as it makes excellent coffee. Grind size is actually finer than other drippers.

Love the sandstone

Great dropper. Love the sandstone. It really makes the pour over stand out.

Great V60 alternative

It gives you more filter options than V60 and looks great!


Good design and services ^^

Good to use!

I really like this kettle, it’s light and elegant, for a starter like me, it’s a perfect product.


One of the favourite paper filter. Nice quality

Very nice and function

It's very great design and function.

Coffee subscription

The coffee from Japanese roaster are always fresh and nice.

Great read

Enjoyed reading the book. Would have been good to include the month and year the coffee roaster was featured. Looking forward to reading Vol 2.

Love it!

Good quality stand which looks great with my wooden filter cup and furniture. ;)

Great Dripper, goes well with Halo stand

It's my second dripper and I find the wood material (comparing to my other metal dripper) makes a better coffee. It is also very beautiful to put on my desk. Happy brewing every morning!

Japan Coffee Culture is Alive and Well!

I moved to Japan about a month and a half ago and was genuinely wondering how I would get craft quality and ethically sourced coffee to brew during my time here. The closest city to me is an hour away and while there are about 3-4 quality shops there, but now Kurasu sends me exactly what I was looking for monthly! Whether you are in Japan or another international place, this subscription is so worth it! I am one month in and so stoked to keep trying Japanese coffee! Plus you get a little snippet about the roaster, beans, and a brewing recommendation which is a pretty nice addition. It's always fun to try other peoples brew recipes in relation to your own!

The only brewer you will need

The ability to switch between percolation and immersion on the fly, along with v60 shape design is perfect for any coffee you will find, allows you to not only brew in any traditional method, but also discover new techniques that may not have been available before

A piece of art

Yes, that's what it is to me: a piece of art. I love it. The craftmanship is sublime. This takes my coffee brewing procedure to a whole different level because of the thin water stream it produces. Looking back, I do have to wonder how I could live so long without it.

I have the black / mahogany version of it and it's just also really beautiful to look at.

Oh, and no, nobody paid me to say all this stuff: I just really love this tiny kettle.

I prefer the aesthetics of this server than any servers on the market. Looks classy and elegant.

Awesome dripper

Had an amazing coffee using this dripper. The ceramic material looks beautiful. Amazing service from Kurasu Kyoto as well, item shipped immediately.


The coffee is excellent. I particularly like the brewing recipe which comes together with the beans to ensure you make the right hand drip

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