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    good for brewing

    Good quality, looks premium and good!


    I liked the Brazil beans, really good. Peru is also VERY good!!!

    Surprisingly sweet

    The best way I could describe the taste of this tea is: a fruity coffee with a honey undertone. I love the taste and would definetly recommend it.


    Absolutely divine!

    I love my switch!

    I bought this brewer as my first kind of pour over dripper, and it’s great! It’s easy to use, easy to clean and I think it’s cute! I love how you have the option to use it either as an immersion brewer or just as a regular v60, it’s very versatile and consistently brews well! I really enjoy doing a hybrid brew for my morning iced coffee!

    My favourite dripper.
    Absolutely beautiful.

    Great Decaf Coffee

    Recently I had to switch to decaf coffee for health reasons, so my search began for a decaf coffee with a flavor I could enjoy. I called off the search when I found Kurasu's Mexico El Triunfo Decaf coffee. I still look forward to the smooth taste of fresh coffee every morning, without the side effects of the caffeine. Thank you to the Kurasu Team!

    Good coffee beans

    Very good and just right for hand drip coffee.

    Delicate but sturdy

    Extremely happy with the quality of this pot :)
    It's such a pretty little thing, and feels very lightweight, almost delicate, which can be difficult to achieve with enamel.
    I can tell this pot will last a really long time if taken care of.

    I will compare this with the takahiro pot that I also bought, once I've tried it.

    Arrived quickly and reliably via DHL.


    Cool little cup just perfect for 6oz coffee, even though there is a little hole on the lid is did not spill over on my bag :)

    Great pair with origami. And quality of wood and craftsmanship are excellent.

    11/10 would definitely recommend! Great product. And love the colors. Was also well packaged. No damage at all. And very fast delivery.

    very delicious and complex flavours

    This is one of the best coffee I've bought from Kurasu with its complexity and flavour profiles.

    Cera filter
    Ashraf E.
    Very good!

    Trying to be eco-friendly and use less paper. Hence i bought the cera filter and tried it out on two different beans. Coffee tasted excellent!! Clear and tasty as mentioned above. Will definitely be trying out with all my different coffee beans.

    Shipping DHL is really fast! Shipped out Monday, i received it on Wednesday!

    Thank you Kurasu!

    Great to start using home brewing

    This version of Hario V20 is pretty cool with its larger bottom opening it speeds up brew time or can. Different grinding settings will allow to get your favorite cup. Would recommend to anyone.



    ORIGAMI Dripper M
    Mark J.C.
    Favorite dripper

    Best dripper ever

    More than a Dripper - a piece of Art

    The ceramic edition is a great example of superior craftmanship. The texture is lovely. Highly recommendet!


    Lovely Pitcher, delicate yet substantial.

    Subtle, fragrant

    It’s great for hand drip, with a subtle fragrance, it’s not too strong, good to go with cakes

    Smooth light roast

    Seriously, the best coffee I've had

    Must have for all pour over lovers

    The Hario Switch is a fantastic item that saves time in the morning and also allows for some interesting experiments. Immersion, percolation, immersion+percolation, I've enjoyed playing around with it a whole lot. Highly recommend the item and also recommend purchasing it through Kurasu. Customer service is fantastic and I received the item in Vancouver, Canada within only a few days. Thanks again, Yozo and team!

    Know more about Japan through coffee shops

    Love this, get to learn more about coffee as well as places I haven't been to. Been pinning more "to go" on maps ever since 😆

    Cute little bag

    Wanted to get the collaboration shirt but was out of stock. Glad I got this, it's small but can fit alcohol spray and umbrella perfectly.

    Good quality matcha

    Obviously an easy win when compared side by side
    with the other matcha I have. Recommended to store in refrigerator.