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    Love it

    Of course I bought this in the dead of winter, but I still had to try it out. It brews super smooth, and it's extremely easy to use and clean. Can't wait to use this all the time in the summer when I need to grab coffee to go in the mornings!


    delicious~ must continue oreder~

    Excellent coffees and fun to compare!

    All three coffees were fantastic. I especially enjoyed the natural Ethiopian and the Colombian. All made delicious, interesting cups! It was also super interesting comparing the two Ethiopians from the same lot with different processing (washed/natural). Much bolder, fruitier flavour with the natural. Highly recommend this set to anyone who enjoys light roast fruity/floral beans.
    Side note: shipping to Canada was shockingly fast and painless.

    Finally I own a v60

    I've always been more of a fan of the Kono for pourovers but now with the switch I have another reason to buy another dripper as I can control the flow on this one. I also get to try v60 recipes if I do not want to use the immersion feature. Just becareful to check is your bearing and mechanism is in place before starting your brew!

    I love it

    I use it almost everyday, very versatile and easy to get constant brews. Ordered on a Sunday and it arrived 4 days later. From the Japan to the UK. So impressed 😊

    Great Light Roast Starting Point

    This is a great way to start trying lighter roasts and pushing your boundaries.

    My New Favourite

    The Switch has quickly become my favourite brewing device. Combining infusion with percolation creates such a sweet, flavourful cup. Its the best.

    Wonderful Adventure

    It was a lovely taster set that allowed me to try two wonderful roasts.

    Very cute design

    Easy to use and very cute design.


    Very pleasing to the eye and makes a beautiful cup. I really enjoy the results with the Origami and the Kalita filter paper.

    Absolutely Love It

    Haven’t used my electric brewer ever since I bought this beauty. Sure it takes a little more effort in the morning, but totally worth it.

    Kalita pouch is rare

    I have only found this pouch that perfectly fits the kalita wave filter papers! It's simple and compact in design. Material was good as well :)

    Best coffee

    The extraction of the coffee is always perfect! Absolutely recommended.

    Great decaf

    Enjoyed this whenever I want coffee but don't want the caffeine buzz, love it on the kalita.

    Actually makes really good cold brew as well

    The currant notes really shine as a cold brew! I recommend giving it a try.

    Great value set!

    Purchased this set as it comes with not just the dripper and paper filter but also the beans. Love the tester! Will definitely come back again and try the other coffee on Kurasu site

    Best experience buying overseas!

    I purchased a Tetsu Kasuya dropper, initially I was worried about shipping a ceramic dropper overseas. The delivery came reasonably fast and in perfect condition. There was an attention to detail with packing the shipment I wasn’t used to. Beautifully packaged, and the coffee beans I ordered were exquisite. Very unique strawberry taste when brewed with the Tetsu Kasuya dripper. I was surprised to see such a light roast compared to the common roast I see in the United States. But it made an impeccably clean cup of coffee that went better as an iced coffee. I would say my experience was well received and if I am ever in Japan I would not hesitate to visit your shop.

    Satisfied Coffee Grinder

    Easy to use and perfect size. Recommended.

    My Go-To

    Ever since I received my Hario Switch it's been my go-to brewer. Produces a well extracted clean cup every time with little effort. What more can you ask for?

    Absolutely amazing

    It's been tough finding light roast coffee outside of Japan – absolutely loving this taste set and highly recommended for anyone who's used to darker coffee roasts and wants to try something new!

    Perfect filter coffee every time

    I love the kinto filter; it is simple to use, and produces consistently beautiful, crisp coffee

    Spout Game is Strong!

    The looks of this server is so good paired with Torch brand drippers as well! AND there is no lie when I say I haven't had a problem with the Pitchii's spout; because it's so nice and fine!

    Great brewer for immersion or pour-over

    Great brewer for immersion or pour-over. Just leave the switch down and it's a standard glass v60, or brew with the switch up for a clean immersion brew, like a french press without any mess! Easy to clean and paper filter gives a very clear cup free of suspended coffee grounds or oil.

    The switch mechanism itself is easy to use and holds water in surprisingly well, meaning that you can close it and carry the brewer over to the waste bin without fear of dripping coffee everywhere. Be careful picking up the brewer if it's full, as the smallest bit of pressure of the switch can release hot water all over the place.

    Rad Sticker

    I added this to my growing coffee sticker collection in my studio! Get it or regret it!

    A Perfect Finishing Touch

    This pairs well with the ceramic drippers and I also use it with my Tsubame Stainless Steel drippers as well!