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Just what I needed!

Easy to use, easy to wash, looks great. Thanks!

Great tool and great value

Takes the guess work out of the preparation process, allows you to brew great coffee everywhere without the need for gooseneck kettle. It fits both Hario V02 and Origami S and I even manage to use it with Yasukiyo wooden dripper.

A unique looking dripper with great performance

Once I have started reading more about thermal properties of the drippers, I have decided to try the ones with the best heat retention properties. While plastic ones excel here, they lack the beauty of the natural materials. I went with natural wood and it is indeed a piece of beauty and I reach for it more and more. So far I prefer it with Kono paper and with osmotic brewing method (by Cafec).

Callum S.

Beautiful item, looking forward to brewing darker roasts with this. Thank you Kurasu!


Simplify is a not simply breawer, but when you had the correct recipe the cup.of coffee is complex sweet beauty

Nice Product

I use it everyday to make matcha and I love it!

Torch Mountain Dripper

This coffee dripper has become one of my favorites. With a Kalita 155 filter it provides a faster flow rate than the Kalita dripper, which provides a great depth of flavor without over extraction utilizing a finer grind on the flat bottom filter.

Flower Dripper
Ryan M.
Cafec 1-Cup Matte Black

Awesome coffee dripper. Fast shipping and great experience purchasing from Kurasu!

Perfect filter

Fast drip filter perfect for every brew

Cup of Excellence

Nicely roasted, great aroma and clean. Drip bag easy to make a nice cup of coffee. Nice and clean

1616/Arita TY Mug
Alvin W.
Nice quality

Very good quality with good design. It is a good match of a set of plate and cup which combine to be a nice picture.

Consistent Brewer

Very consistent brewer, focused on clarity and brightness. At first, my brews had slow pour speeds leading to over extraction and astringency, but after fixing my pouring technique and fixing the folding method of the filters, it has vastly improved. I prefer very fruity, light roasts(African and Guatemalan), so this dripper fits the bill. Sturdy build quality as well.

Exceptional Product

Very happy overall with my Kalita Server. The glass feels sturdy and the milliliter markers are both accurate and very clear to see. Been using the V60 02 Porcelain/Ceramic with it, and have been loving the experience.


I bought this together with the Origami Air S dripper (Clear). Well, I had to buy it because I wouldn't be able to brew otherwise right? Lol

The holder is a great match with the Clear dripper! It also feels very sturdy and has great build quality overall.

ORIGAMI Dripper Air
Beautiful Dripper

This is definitely one of the most beautiful plastic drippers I've bought. I did not expect the dripper to be thick, and frosted on the outside. The holder is also frosted. Makes great coffee too!

Great Fruity Taste!

Hi from Malaysia! Filter brews have a delicious watermelon candy note, whereas espresso makes it taste more of strawberry candy. Kudos to Kurasu Team for accommodating my request too! Would buy again!

Sui Blend
Eva L.
Favorite Matcha

This is my second order and the SUI matcha is one of the best Matcha I ever tasted, I ordered 2 boxes of Sui. Best served the traditional way,

A real discovery

This hojicha is really surprising. It gives an amber drink with the warm scent of toast (pain grillé in french), a sweet flavor, enhanced by a note of toasted hazelnut. Everyone loves it, especially as latte, a real dessert.

Simply delicious

a very delightful roast of strawberry and stone fruits, the brown sugar-like sweetness lingers.

Kenya Gathaithi AA [Light roast]
Carl B.
Deep and complex as the ocean

I believe this is the best Kenyan from Kurasu this year. Be careful how you brew it, but if done right this should be an incredibly sweet tasting coffee.

dodong p.
Perfect brewer

This was a perfect brewer

Always a safe choice

House blend always a safe choice as it doesn't need lots of skills to make a nice cup of coffee


I was truly taken aback by the perfume from this coffee. The taste too is equally sublime!

very well made

looks very nice on my coffee station with either a server or mug under it. Currently I'm using w/ a Kalitta 155 Sagan (also purchased from Kurasu), and they fit perfectly!

Amazing Coffee

Great option