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Takes out the guess work

This immersion dripper takes to the guess work of brewing a good cup cf coffee. The taste of coffee is not as subtle as using a drip and it makes a stronger cup of coffee, But it is ideal for a busy day and is mistake free except when you forget to close the switch ;). There is not as much variation as making coffee with a hario v60 dripper but you can still play around with immersion time and grind size.

Love it!

Wish we had these in the UK! Such a clever yet simple solution to a good up of coffee. One thing though! Is it possible for a different variety for a variation on taste??

Beautiful cup!

Love this cup!! Saw it on my trip to Kyoto and should have bought it then. It's my favourite cup at work now!!

Great Product

Very happy with this purchase

Good service and good quality

5ish stars

OK. 5 Stars because it is of good quality and does what it says. It is also priced right. Is it necessary? Not really but I would still get it again.

Great pour over device!

Came shipped in a nice box and got here faster than I expected. It is very attractive, easy to use, and I get great results! If you are new to pour over this is a very forgiving method.

Wonderful Mustard Colored Mug

This is my favorite mug right now! Its size is perfect. I use it for coffee as much as I use it for curry or stew :)

Great pour over kettle

I am very happy with this kettle. I particularly like the wooden handle which makes it easy to handle even if very hot. My only suggestion would be a slight lip on the lid to stop it slipping forward when pouring.

Great purchase

I am really happy with my purchase. great wuality, beautiful design. Also Kurasu’s team went out of their way to make sure i get what i want. Very nice

Tsukiusagi Enamel Slim Pot (0.7L) - White
Wonderful service and product.

Brew like champion

Used this champion dripped by with V60 filter paper. Geisha bean roaster by April.

It’s wonderful!

It’s delightful and brews the best cup of coffee. What’s not to LOVE about the ILCANA ceramic V60 dripper?

Love it

I love it 😜

Unforgettable Deliciousness

I agree with the barista's comment. Very yum!

The best light roasted coffee I ever tasted

Sincerely, I will definitely order my next batch from Kurasu, can't wait to visit the store once I fly to KYOTO

Amazing coffee

Amazing coffees delivered to your doorstep every month, good quality and tastes great! Definitely worth a try

Awesome spoon

Very well designed and well made

Great profile, bright taste

High and clear acidity. Grape flavour, and orange aftertaste.
I love it.
Thanks a lot, high five from Russia ;)

Great Product

I love this product

Nice Dripper

One of the most forgiving dripper, u can't go wrong with this dripper as it was designed to have same size of bone and shape, so that water flow is more consistent. Size S is already big, for better pouring i'm suggesting to pick this size.

Best Store

I'm in love with Kurasu, their team is very knowledgeable, and friendly. I came out with a question i.e. difference in size between S n M, they gave me answer in specific length and even the filter size for the dripper.
They went extra mile to help me with custom orders for colors in which they dont have on their website. And got my orders shipped very fast. Thank you Yozo n Doreen

Thankfully I gave into the hype ! 🙌👍

Bit the bullet and ordered the Origami dripper when i found I could get it finally shipped to India from Kurasu which I have used earlier for their subscription coffees ! After trying the dripper with a different tweaks - I found the sweet spot for the dripper - giving me super clean intense and separated flavours surpassing most of my other methods. My best recipe : using Kalita wave filters (instead of V60) + the Gabi add on master B

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