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    Excelente calidad y beautiful features

    This mug is just a work of art and makes you want to pour the very best into it. My mate loves getting her drink served with this cup which in turn makes me enjoy it more.

    Cool Stickers

    Put it on my desk work areas to remind me of Coffee!

    Explores more ways to brew

    This brewer is really a versatile brewer in that you can just do immersion brewing and percolation brewing. You can combine the two methods and have some fun tuning a recipe to your tastes. Kurasu had a great article on their recipes they have tried and I would suggest giving it a read. Thanks again for having this item available and arrived promptly with no issues.

    Practical with good aesthetics

    I've had this coffee container a few weeks now and it feels great going for it everytime to begin to brew cycle. It has a double seal with a inner lid with button handle and the top outer lid to complete the seal. I enjoy the beautiful emblem design and the size of this container really make it a joy to load up with my favorite coffee at the time. Thank you for providing these items to us. Definitely ordering more in the future.

    Highest possible quality

    The quality of the craftmanship is admirable. It brings me joy to use it.

    Really nice and functional

    My every morning go to cup now for my daily coffee routine.

    A Delicious Trifecta

    I sampled the Haru Kochi, and both the House Light and House Dark Roasts. While I enjoyed all of them, the standout for me was the House Dark roast. This roast brought back an appreciation for a well-done darker roast that had been missing in my coffee routine. Kurasu definitely knows how to roast the beans in a way that draws out those deeper flavors while avoiding the burnt over roasted profile so many roasters produce when trying to deliver a dark roast. I like to always try new coffees, but I think I will definitely return to their dark roast in the near future.

    A Wonderful Surprise

    Even going into the drink with an idea of what notes to keep in mind, I was genuinely surprised at just how lovely of a cup this coffee made.
    I mainly used the traditional v60 and the Tetsu Kasuya v60. Both methods produced wonderful cups. I don't think this coffee needs much help in producing a delicious result.

    Brazil Alta Gracia
    DeAndre J.

    I really enjoyed the few days that I got to start my morning off with this coffee.

    Beautifully made the coffee!

    The learning curve never ends and there's a lot to be accomplished with this dripper. Happy brewing!

    A must-have for me!!

    The minimalistic design makes the cups look elegant in the eye. Somehow I feel my coffee more delicious in these cups🤩Now I have more motivation to get up in the morning and start my day with a cup of coffee😃


    It's clean and stable, best for using origami


    good tumbler

    Kalita wave 185

    I am really delighted with this dripper. So far, I have used the V60 and the Origami, but Kalita's dripper became my favorite.
    Also, Kurasu's service is excellent and the delivery time is very fast. I recommend the dripper and of course the Kurasu store !!!

    Great addition to my workflow

    I'm from New Zealand and I received the package after less than a week! Great effort team!
    The dripper is great adds that level of consistency to the worlflow so you just have to worry about the grind size and temp.

    Highly recommend

    Nicely roast


    Versatile and uncomplicated

    Love that I can choose to make coffee different ways. Using just the nylon mesh is my favourite way.

    tight hat

    awesome design and very good quality! i highly recommend.

    Does its job

    Bought this to partner with my V60 dripper. I was afraid it’d break during transit but it arrived in perfect condition and I’ve been using it regularly (every day) for the past month.

    Excellent aesthetics, but works nice for 1 cup brewing

    Nice for coffee for me and tea for my wife

    Very handy

    I use it as a "male handbag" :)
    Finally I am able to carry my personal stuff around with a bit of style.

    nice beans

    I've tried many Ethiopia beans including my own roasts but this is very smooth and high quality Ethiopia. Also my father-in-law was positively surprised about this coffee.

    Happy with the quality

    This is a really nice, thick cotton t-shirt, the print is also very nice and lasting. Such a special item to wear here in Europe.

    Hario Mugen dripper

    Awesome dripper, effortlessly to make good cup of coffee without any skill! Highly recommended.

    Straight out of Tokyo

    I’ve visited Tokyo many times and had the privilege of having cloth filter coffee at the Cafe D’Lambre, this is the best home brew product I can imagine to get close to that! Amazing product by Kurasu, I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a unique home brew!