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Hario V60 filters

Good quality, a must-see.

Amazing single estate

Mauricio Rosales's coffee is an amazing single estate.
It's a perfect coffee for after lunch or breakfast.

Lingering length and aroma, very good indeed!

Great coffee

I really like it

Minimal tumbler with style

Perfect size for my daily morning coffee. It’s perfect in keeping my coffee hot during those cold mornings. Love the minimalist design as well (would be even better if it said made in Japan on it).

Happy vibe

The mug has a lovely shape and right-sized feel in the hand. The happy yellow color is a fine way to greet the day with a warm pour over. Everyone in the family angles for it each morning — had to order two more mugs. Shape with reduced surface area on top helps to keep beverages hot. May favorite shape. Very happy with it.

Favorite Coffee Place

Really love the beans. Great taste, great aroma !

Very Satisfied

I Really like using filters from Kalita; they are nice and afforable.


You can definitely use something else for a drip tray, but the original just feels... right 😀

Great papers

These work well with my wooden dripper.
Very impressed with Kurasu’s service. Super fast shipping.

Good texture

High quality paper and works very well with my wooden dripper

I’m very satisfied with my product


Superior quality for a superior up of coffee.

Comforting morning cup from the best light roaster in the world

Very Satisfied

This is a nice brewer that I purchased. Recommend.

Very Satisfied

This is a really nice dripper that I enjoy using. Got some good tasting coffees from it.

Quite Nice

Nice Aromas and Smooth Taste

Stellar Matcha Bowl

Really love these matcha bowls and the craftsmanship is top k notch. The soft green tone of this matcha bowl goes well with the overall drink. The lipped makes pouring mess free.

Honduras Belarmino Contreras [Light roast]
M. H.A.A.

I am delighted with the coffee. Excellent cup!

Authentic and delicious.

The matcha mix is authentic and delicious. Very smooth and creamy. Quality is above average in the market.


Cool design, high quality dripper. Very sweet and intense cup.

Excellent dripper for daily use

The dripper quality is good and not fragile. The polishing work is just simply well done. It provides stable brewing quality and water flow rate. Coffee brewed by using this dripper is sweet and rich.

Amazing little pour over Kyusu

This is one of those little gadgets that you just know that you NEED based on its looks. The delivery was speedy and reliable (though I was charged a hefty custom charge on arrival into the UK for my huge order from Kurasu, so you might want to mentally prepare yourself for that) However, there is no complaint once I received the products. This Kyusu in particular was extremely well-made, the craftsmanship and build-quality speak for itself. The price was highly attractive as I needed to experiment before investing in a kettle such as the Fellow or the Kinto. Only complaint being that the lid - although being the perfect fit - does risk of being too loose as it is not clicked onto the main body of the kettle in anyway, however it doesn't slide out of place if all you do is gentle pouring though. Overall very good shopping experience with Kurasu, and I can't wait for a refill of the coffee beans already.

Great Cup

It's a beautiful cup with great functionality

Perfect daily coffee

Safe and satisfying choice for daily coffee