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Elegant dripper that produces a solid cup of coffee! Thank you Kurasu for the prompt shipment and awesome customer service! Will come back for all my coffee brewing needs! :)

Best Tumbler EVER!!!

These are by far the best tumblers I've ever had. They are super insulating. My coffee (or any other hot beverage) stays hot literally all day. The design is super nice and sleek, and it feels great to touch and hold. It also fits well in almost any bag so it's really easy to carry around.

Great Coffee knock my door

It's so good to just order and the coffee jar will refill automatically with this service.

Kurasu the best

I like all kurasu coffee after I subs for 3 months and for the beans I like medium roast than light roast, because I would prefer espresso with machine that manual.
What I love about the subscription is that the roasters change for every batch

Light Roast

I really enjoying the coffees
Thanks you
But I like the Light Roast most

Awesome product!

Great consistent grounds every time, looks great as well! have used the Porlex mini and this, I have to say Rivers has excellent build quality, though a little harder to grind the same beans due to shorter handle than the porlex but well worth it for the slick look and grind quality.

Very solid little dripper

High quality ceramic. It situates the wave filters better than my stainless 155 (which has now been relegated to my coffee travel kit).

A classy carafe

A fine quality thick glass decanter that concentrates the aroma of your pour-over brew. Recommended.

Great products

The micro filter makes great coffee! Very nice looking tumblers.

First wooden dripper and loving it

It's very light, and easy to clean. I get more consistent brew with this dripper than with other types of dripper.
Highly recommended.

Practical and beautiful

Love the design and the ease of use of this kettle.


Stunning dripper, and quick delivery from Japan. Colour is really lovely, and nice heavy ceramic keeps the heat well.


What I love about the subscription is that the roasters change for every batch. So, instead of getting the usual fix monthly, your taste buds will be delighted to an array of different notes, flavours and styles from all the different roasters. It is as if you're taking a coffee trip in Japan getting to experience all these different styles and brew methods of the coffee.

A great way to experiencce the coffee scene of Japan without having to take the trip down :)

Even better in person!

This particular dripper (Hasami 155) is very hard to find in the U.S, and I am very glad Kurasu had this available. The item was packed very well and shipped incredibly fast to California. The dripper is a beautiful ceramic in white and looks amazing on my countertop. Thanks again!

Best V60

Incredible performance for the Kasuya Model, however you have to adjust your grind coarser and preferably follow the 40/60 method for a better result when brewing.


Well, owning the olive glass and the acrylic ones, this one is in the middle, it's definitely better than the acrylic but it's not as beautiful as the olive one.


It's a very practical dripper in itself, but you still need hot water, grounded coffee, server etc. It's very simple to assemble and disassemble, but I don't know how long it will last in a daily use. The stainless steel one should last longer.


Well, I'll be honest, I bought this one by the looks. I already have a Hario Buono, but this one is gorgeous. Adds another level in the ritual of making coffee.

Lovely dripper

The 101 Hasami Kalita is a beautiful dripper and it give me a predictable good cup of coffee. I tried with the Tetsu Kasuya's method, the 4:6, with correct grind size, I would say it gave me an excellent extraction. I enjoy using it very much.

A real beauty

This is an excellent hand-made wooden (walnut) coffee scoop. A nice way to class up your morning ritual.

Perfect Coffee Grinder

It’s just nice for me!
I manage to make a cup of coffee every morning when I’m in the office.

Very Good

Highly recommended I enjoy using this on a v02 ceramic

And for 4:6 method

coffee experience from Japan

Its wonderful to have the chance to taste the different bean roast by selected roaster from Japan deliver to your doorstep every month. Its amazing. Its a whole new different experience. IMPRESSIVE.

Hario VDC 01 W

Nice Product for Coffee Dripper

Beautiful design, just the right size for me. A well thought out product.

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