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    Chriz N.
    Always the Best!

    Been ordering for a little over a year now. The quality is always great! For people who want a little bit more sweet, with sugar package is better!

    Beautiful and tasty

    I heard so many good things about the flower dripper and always want to try it.
    It doesn't disappoint me. It makes my coffee taste more sweet and bold, and the design is just so beautiful!

    SO coffee taster set

    Like this style, simple and well control, very nice.

    Just wow!

    Great COE coffee for hot or ice drip!

    Nice and juicy. Fantastic as always

    Kurasu may be the best light roaster out there.

    Best coffee at home

    This is yet the best coffee I've had at home (whether hot or cold). Although a bit pricey, it was all worth it. The aroma and taste certainly stands out among the other coffee beans I've tried. Will certainly buy again.

    Smooth peachy cherry cup

    Really enjoyed this coffee. It is very different and refreshing. A great summer morning sip :)


    love the cup. i ordered the coffee mug 80x68. it's perfect for morning coffee. well made and elegant shape. fast delivery to the uk.

    Perfect Cup

    Always a perfect cup from Kurasu.

    Classic finish

    Cute and performs like origami but in plastic

    Wonderful dripper

    Beautiful product, excellent build quality, drains well, and brews consistent and fantastic coffee. I have no issues brewing 22 g in the 155. I love how easily the filter and grounds slide out of the dripper. I would definitely purchase again.

    I always love kurasu light roast

    Good start to taste Japanese Roasted coffee

    A good sampler set the try to make sure you understand each of the coffee blinds provided. They give you three ones such as the light, medium, dark blends which are all decent as well as flavorful.

    Most reliable dripper

    What can I even say? It's literally the dripper I use to benchmark my new coffees now. Love it. Thank you Kurasu

    Artisan Design

    It’s perfect for home brewing

    Cera Filter 001
    Therese T.
    Simply amazing

    This filter surpasses my expectations. You get perfectly filtered coffee with great taste. And the filter is sustainable - you cannot wish for more :)

    Tasty and delicious

    One of the best hojicha mix ever!


    I am intrigued by this quizzical bean. It harbors an entrancing aroma and alluring notes, and I find myself quite frankly puzzled upon each sip! Needless to say, it is exquisite. Highly recommend!

    Beautiful cold brew bottle

    Beautiful and easy to use.

    great combo

    kalita wave and origami

    Very clean taste

    Good for your Origami and Kalita wave filters. Very fast delivery!

    Compact and easy to use

    Really helpful when you're travelling and don't have much space a to carry v60.

    ORIGAMI Dripper Air
    Michael T.
    A beautifully designed and manufactured item

    One of very few coffee drippers that I wanted to add to my daily coffee ritual gear. Well done!

    Perfect, Neither tea or coffee

    I love this

    Best decafe

    I got this for my sister because she trying to cut caffeine,it's the best for her , It is better than famous brand